Tuesday, 20 September 2016

5 Teen Bloggers You Should Check Out

If you don't know what #teenbloggerschat is, it's a weekly Twitter chat aimed at teen bloggers which myself, Jack, Hannah and Holly set up earlier this year. I've already written a blog post with all the info, so today I'll be telling you about some of my new favourite teen bloggers... all of whom I discovered through #teenbloggerschat!

In no particular order...

1. The Savage Savannah

I think this is the only blog that can make me laugh out loud. Feel free to try and prove me wrong. I mean, it's more of a sudden exhalation through the nose than a proper laugh, but not many blogs can even make me do that, so the thought is there. (In all seriousness, there's a brilliant mix of posts there.)

Check out: Slut Shaming | Struggles of Wearing Glasses #2 | Guy Reacts to Beauty Products

2. Twist in the Taile

Eve writes so eloquently, has a ridiculously pretty blog, and is so lovely. My favourite thing about her blog posts is that they combat stereotypes and prove that young people do actually have opinions on some of the things that effect us (who knew?).

Check out: Gender and School Sport |  Why is My Blog Like This? | Why I Love LGBTQ+ Retellings

3. Blue Books and Butterflies

Chioma's posts are so thought-provoking and I always enjoy her contributions to #teenbloggerschat. Blue Books and Butterflies is a book blog, but Chioma posts about a variety of other things, too, which is my personal must-have when it comes to finding new favourite blogs!

Check out: Reading Experience vs Literary Analysis | Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee | Bright Lights, Dark Nights by Stephen Emond

4. The Amanda Way

You know by now that I love a varied blog, and The Amanda Way definitely is. With travel, photography, music, beauty, fashion and more, there's something for everyone. I especially love her gorgeous photos. (Also, irrelevant, but she's really pretty. Like, how? #Goals.)

5. A Hufflepuff's Thoughts

Elly is one of the nicest people ever and her blog title is a Harry Potter reference. HELLO. Her blog is pretty and there's something for everyone - I especially like her more personal posts, like 'Writer's Block' which I very much relate to at the moment...

Check out: Writer's Block | Conversations with Friends | Who Am I REALLY?

Who are your favourite bloggers?


  1. Awwwww, Amber, this made me smile so much! Thank you so so much for featuring me ilyyyyy

  2. Aah thanks so much for the shout out, it improved my day so much! :D There are so many awesome people here eek.

  3. My favourite bloggers are: You, Cait from PaperFury.com and Bubbles from Thinkbubblez.wordpress.com


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