Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Interview with Charli from To Another World!

I have been lucky enough to interview one of my best bloggy friends and favourite book bloggers Charli from To Another World! Read more to find out what Charli would do if she took over the world...

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Hi Charli! Welcome to The Mile Long Bookshelf! To start off, tell us a bit about you and your blog To Another World.
Hi, Amber! Thanks for having me! Ok, so, my name is really Charlotte but I've always been Charli, and I'm 13 years old. I love photography, reading and blogging (of course), music and in school, I love History, RE and English! To Another World was started in July 2013 because I was bored of my other blog and I don't regret it at all. Much like others, I post reviews, spotlights, discussions and the odd giveaway!

What made you start blogging?
This is a long story. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin. So, I actually had a blog wayyyy back when I was 8. It was stupid. It was a teeny little blog I couldn't design or post for- a fashion blog. I'd seen it in a magazine. Then, when I was 11 I saw Cat in Shout and was going through a tough time, so I started Life Through Rose-Tinted SunGlasses. I had that for a year *party* before getting bored of just posting junk with no enthusiasm and so started TAW...

What is your favourite book?
Divergent by Veronica Roth! Hands down! Harry Potter of course too. As a less well known one I adore, Earth Girl by Janet Edwards.

...and what are you reading at the moment?
The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey amongst others. Not sure what to think.

What do you think you'll be doing in ten years time?
Well... I'll be 23... So I kinda expect to have just graduated, maybe looking for a job? I want to go into law so yeah. Maybe still blogging? I'd like to be. Umm... Yeah... Uninspiring.

Can you give us a tip for new book bloggers who might be reading this?
Don't be fake. Design how you want to design, review how you want to review, don't be pressurised into reviewing a book or giving a book a 5/5 rate. If you need anything, go to one of us! I've been to Amber a couple times and I know she, and if not her one of my other friends, will know what to do :)

What do you like doing other than blogging?
I'm really into photography so I do a lot of that and my arts award. I'm a Scout so I have meetings for it, badgework to do, camps to go to!! Oh, and Twitter. Full stop.

What are the first two things you would do if you took over the world?
Um. MAKE ALL THE BOOKS FREE and MAKE ALL THE CHOCOLATE FREE. Yeah. Cuz.... Why not. (No one let me take over the world. Don't.)

Divergent or The Hunger Games?
D. I. V. E. R. G. E. N. T!!!!!! Love ittt!! Love Fourtris!!! Personally I'm Divergent to Amity, Erudite and Dauntless ;)

What do you want your blog to achieve before the end of 2014?
I'd love 50 followers, 10k page views and to feel even more welcomed to the community. I also want to do more discussions and giveaways!! 


  1. Thanks for having me Amber!! It's kinda weird that I've just achieved the goals on here.... *dance party*

  2. Love the interview, both! I didn't quite now what to think about The 5th Wave either; it wasn't a favourite of mine, I felt it had been done before. I did try fashion-blogging once, but it didn't work. I thought it was the road to being 'cool' but, we're talking about me, after-all.

    If you're having Four, that means I get Peeta AND Gale right? Just checking.

    -Sophie :)


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