Monday, 2 December 2013

Blogoversary Festival - Meet the VIPs!

Welcome to the second day of my Blogoversary Festival! Today you get to meet the VIPs aka a bunch of my bloggy friends. Quite a luxurious festival tent they've got here, right? Let's ask them some questions!

 Hey everyone! *gives out VIP passes* I have some questions for you guys. Let's start with you, Sophie! If you could be any character from any book, who would you be? I think I'd be Hermione, as common as that sounds... 

Sophie: Ahhh! Such a tough question! *stares at bookshelf, running lists of characters through head* OK, I think I'd be Lena Duchannes from Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. I would love to be able to have her Caster Powers but also spend hours wondering around the Caster Library. Even so, who wouldn't want to be the love-interest of Ethan Wate? It's the Southern Accent!

 I have no idea who any of those people are. I should probably read Beautiful Creatures at some point! I think my friend has it on her Kindle so maybe I can read it on that next time I see her. Which brings me to the next question; e-books or physical books? 

Sophie: Physical books - I didn't have to think much about this one! My Kindle spends weeks without being charged up but, I can't spend any time away from my book shelf! The most would be a day! It's the way physical books feel and smell (this will sound strange to everyone but book lovers!) and how you can spend hours staring at the pretty spines and covers on your shelf. And am I the only one who loves the feeling of accomplishment when you can close the book and just sit there for a while thinking about what you have just read, and then go up and choose another one?

I completely agree, Sophie! *notices Eileen singing in the corner* Hey Eileen, come here please, I have questions! *gives Eileen a cupcake* If you could either take millions of selfies for the rest of your life or sing for the rest of your life, which would you pick?

Eileen: I can't comprehend the absolute absurdity of this question because how can one expect me to pick?


Eileen: I'd definitely pick singing because, to be honest, I don't want to look at my super ugly face for the rest of my life. *shudders at the thought* I take a ton of selfies but then I probably end up deleting them all after looking at them because I'm just like, "Eww, no. Eww, you need to be burned. LOL this one looks" And I love singing more than anything and I have the comfort that I'm kind of good at it, so there's always that!

You are not super ugly! Well done for managing to answer such a difficult question though! :D I have another one - what is your favourite book-to-film adaption?

Eileen: Les Misérables by Victor Hugo, because it did start off as a book and then become a Broadway production, and then that Broadway production was moved onto a movie adaptation. Les Misérables is a book that was produced onto Broadway. Les Misérables is a the Broadway show that was produced into a movie. So, if you deduce (or use the transitive property), Les Misérables is a book that was produced into a movie. BAM.

No one could say Les Mis hasn't done incredibly well! Not that I've seen it, or read it...I want to though. Rebekah, you've recently had a book published, aahh! How does it feel??

Rebekah: *scratches head* Well, it feels pretty bizarre to be honest. Being a blogger, being a writer and being erm, me feel like three separate identities for some reason. It's definitely scary to think that my book is out there for people to read and I'm so so so grateful for every single person that does because I know how little time we all have so for others to read my book is so humbling. It also feels kinda great because I wrote a BOOK and people can READ it! I guess you can tell that it hasn't really sunk in yet seeing as I published it about 9 months ago :O

Haha yeah I can imagine how you'd feel like they're three separate identities. It's amazing to see a book blogger become an author though! Have you ever gone to another author's book signing and if you have, which time was your favourite?

Rebekah: I've only ever been to one signing (which was about two weeks ago) and I can tell that it will be one I'll remember forever. It was Neil Gaiman and he is so down to earth that I couldn't help but feel inspired. He read some of his book, THE OCEAN AT THE END OF THE LANE and then stayed for another two hours to sign (I was at the back. Literally. Damn bladder!). It was an amazing experience and getting to talk to someone with as much talent as Neil Gaiman about how to push through the self-doubt was just....ugghhhhh. It blew my mind!

Woah, that sounds awesome! *jealous* I'm going to be totally honest here and say that I used to think Neil Gaiman was the author of that kid's picture book about Unicorns...*blushes* I think the author of that book and Neil Gaiman's names must be similar! Rachel, do Unicorns exist? 

Rachel: Yes, yes they do. Don't believe me? Take that up with my unicorn, Rainbow McShimmers.

Not Rainbow McShimmers, please, no! *hides* *comes out from hiding place* I have a really hard question for you. You ready? ...Harry Potter or The Mortal Instruments? Choose wisely...

Rachel: *gasps* WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS?! *starts crying uncontrollably* I seriously don't know how I can choose! I love them both so freakin' much! No, no, no, no, no. This is torture! Can I please say both?! PLEASEEE?! I love Harry Potter because, well, it's HARRY POTTER! And The Mortal Instruments has Jace and a seriously mindblowing world so... AHHHH, THEY'RE BOTH FLIPPING AMAZING! xD

Haha, when I asked you that question I hadn't read The Mortal Instruments and now I have, I feel exactly the same as you! Broccoli Jack, have you ever read a book that you really really really disliked? 

Jack: Hmm, one? There are actually quite a few books I really dislike. Probably the worst book I've ever read in my life would be The Fall by Anthony McGowan. It's a dark novel, but not in a good way. It's depressing. I actually felt sick at some points, because of the cruelty in some scenes. And there was no climax or resolution. The author told us two bad things that happened and that was it. Don't even get me started on the horrid characters, and simplistically boring writing. Ugh. I would have thrown it at the wall, if it wasn't a library book! I urge you not to read it, ever. Unless you want your eyeballs to bleed. -_-

That sounds horrible! I'd rather my eyeballs didn't bleed...*shudder* Why did you start book blogging?

Jack: Well, I'd been a member of Goodreads for a few months, and I started writing short, one paragraph reviews. But as I became more of an experienced reader, I found myself having more of an opinion on the books I read. So my reviews started to grow into the beautiful broccolis they are today! But after a while, I wanted a place all for myself where I could post my reviews and opinions. And so my blog was born. Pretty boring, I'm sorry! ;)

Not boring at all! :) I asked Jack about a book he really disliked so, Charli, I'm going to ask you the opposite. What's your favourite book?

Charli: Why would you do this to me Amber?? Ok, thinking. I have a lot of favourite books, but of all time? Almost definitely Divergent by Veronica Roth! Do I need a reason? It's absolutely phenomenal, I love the characters, plot, everything...

I haven't actually read that even though most people have. What do you love doing outside of blogging and reading?

Charli: Well, I obviously do quite a lot. Homework and all that jazz. But love? I'm a Scout, so I have camps, meetings, badge work and stuff, and I also do a lot of photography. This term I'm doing a photography course, and hoping to get my Silver Arts Award, because I got my bronze during Year 7. I also write a little bit!

*hugs everyone* Thanks for answering my questions! *leaves the tent whilst the VIPs dig in to delicious blogoversary cake*

I hope you all enjoyed getting to know my friends a little bit. I certainly had fun! Tomorrow you can meet more of my friends, where they will be showing you their dream book characters and telling us all about their favourite festivals. See you then!


  1. awesome questions but why am i not in this. *stalks off* ;)

  2. Thanks for letting me apart of your blogoversary festival, Amber! I loved the questions, as well as reading everyone else's. The question that you gave to Rachel about whether or not she would choose HP over TMI or vice-versa sounds so difficult!

    Happy blogoversary! <33

    1. Thank you for the great answers! When I asked Rachel that question I hadn't actually read TMI (I have now) so I had no idea how much of a difficult question I was asking ;) Thanks Eileen!

  3. Great questions! I loved reading this!

  4. Thank you so much for asking me to take part in your blogoversary, if eel so honoured. :') I obviously gave the best answers, no surprise there. :P Feels a bit weird being in a tent full of girls...

    Can't wait for the rest of these posts! Hope we get to see some comedianz. ;)

    1. Thank you for the awesome answers! Yeeeaaah no surprise there...*cough* Now you mention it, that is a little weird. Oh well, there's cake, don't complain. :P COMEDIANZ

  5. Thank you for featuring me as a VIP! By the way, you really need to read Beautiful Creatures, there's an amazing library in it, along with an even more amazing book-boyfriend!



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