Thursday, 5 December 2013

Blogoversary Festival Guest Post - Top 10 Things a Writer Needs by Emma Pass

Today I have Emma Pass - the wonderful author of ACID - on the blog telling us the top 10 things a writer needs! I asked her to go with less stereotypical things like 'pen' or 'paper', so here they are. You can follow her on Twitter here and you can check out her books here! Enjoy!

1. Pyjamas
Everyone knows that to be creative, you need to be comfortable. So why get dressed when you don't have to?

2. A bed (the bigger and softer the better)
See point 1. Any idiot can sit in a chair at a desk.

3. Curtains
So the neighbours don't catch sight of you sitting in bed in your pyjamas all day.

4. A pet
So you've got someone to bounce your ideas off who won't answer back (or tell you the book you're writing is not, actually, the best thing since Harry Potter/The Hunger Games/Twilight).

5. Unfettered access to the internet
For all those hours of procrastination AKA 'research'. Also good for online shopping so you don't actually have to get dressed to go and buy food/books/whatever.

6. Sunglasses
For those rare and terrifying occasions you do have to venture outside (the light can really hurt your eyes). Oh, and don't forget to put on some clothes! (And shoes. Shoes are also good.)

7. Cavity wall insulation
Not only will it keep you toasty in winter, the neighbours won't be able to hear you swearing when you hit your latest plot-snarl.

8. Netflix
For all that TV you're going to miss while you're hard at work on your book. Although, why not have a quick flick through now, just in case you're missing anything?

9. Coffee (or tea)
You need to stay alert to meet those deadlines. What do you mean, you haven't slept in a week? Get back to work!

10. Wine
After a hard day's messing about on the internet buying books off Amazon Googling your reviews writing, you deserve to unwind. Cheers!

What is your writing essential? Don't say pen...


  1. Emma, we have much in common. Substitute cats for dogs and you pretty much described my writing life.

  2. I love this post, super funny haha!


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