Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Blogoversary Festival - Dream Characters and Dream Festivals!

Today I thought I would put together a very different blog post from my usual ones. I gathered a bunch of my bloggy friends and asked them to design their own book characters. Here they are! Aren't they amazing? We'll start with Primus Johnson, a character designed by Zoe from Bookhi!

"Primus Johnson -  blonde hair, blue eyes, clear skin, good grades, kind to everyone, pretty, perfect?
Primus Johnson has lived a normal life for 17 years until she wakes up in a small, white room with bars on the windows. She discovers that she was created in a lab as the "perfect specimen". The person who created her is planning to do so much more to the world - will she stop him before it's too late?"

Primus Johnson is the main character in the book Zoe is writing. She sounds awesome and so does the book! Thanks Zoe!

Next up is Ruby from Feed Me Books Now! Her character is the little dreamer and it's so cute!

"The Little Dreamer - My dream book character would be a bit like this (although I'm not bothered about her actual appearance). She'd be a young girl, brimming with creativity, flawed only by her naivety. She'd be a daydreamer - the best characters always are! - and sort of like a character from a Neil Gaiman novel...Naturally, she'd be a book addict, as well as an aspiring author - think of Jo from Little Women! There's nothing special about my ideal character, but that's why I love the idea of her so much! :)"

Seeing as my blogoversary this year is festival themed, some of my bloggy friends decided to tell us what their dream festivals would be like. First up is Sunny from A Sunny Spot!

Candy Floss Clouds (basically the ‘I was killed by the feels and still haven’t recovered yet’ festival): Think of Candy Floss Clouds as a support group for all those readers whose emotions were killed when their favourite character died, or favourite couple was couple no more. CFS is a festival for those who are still mourning and recovering for the feels overload that us readers are continuously presented with. Why does it have such a pleasant name then? Well if it was called ‘I am a depressed reader’ then that wouldn’t be fun at all. Seeing as this mission of this festival is to spread joy and comfort, we decided to give it a happy name as that is the result we are aiming to achieve by creating this event.

What are ‘The feels’?: The feels for those of you who don’t know, is a term used to describe the varying emotions when reading a book. From the heartbreak, surprise, and horror to excitement and happiness.

This festival runs for 5 days and each day for a hour, a support group is held where readers sob or fangirl over all the things that gave us feels. We have 2 book stalls and during the course of 5 days, 2 author talks and signings. There will be daily discussion groups and each day a new topic. To relieve the reader from stress there are spa’s, massages and lots of free Candy Floss.

I NEED TO GO THERE. And isn't Sunny's banner gorgeous? I love it! Next up is Rita from Weaving Pages with The Book-Boyfriend Festival!

Roll up! Roll up! Whilst everyone else may be boasting that their festivals are bursting with lights, glitter, unicorns and rainbows, I have unicorns, Chairman Meow and Church, as well as something that will blow your mind; book boyfriends. Yes, you are reading correctly.

Since I am awesome, my wonderful book boyfriends have kindly agreed to give you all free hugs as part of this festival and to hand out free copies of the books they are in! Isn't that lovely? Then there is a whole host of book themed rides: Why not ride the Hippogriff after getting a hug from Jace? Or kill demons after talking to Peeta? Admit it - this is the festival of your dreams, so why not come along?

*Anyone caught trying to steal book boyfriends will be thrown in Azkaban. Thank you!

If you could set up a festival, what would it be for? 


  1. Thanks so much for allowing me to b part of your blogaversary. It was really fun! Though I must admit Rita's festival is extremely tempting, you know what scrap that… I'm leaving CFC to be with Jace.


    2. Thank you for joining in, Sunny! Sorry but Jace may or may not be taken. :P

  2. This is the inevitable but I'd definitely have a Harry Potter festival with free butterbeer and Honeydukes chocolate - I think I'm rambling...
    Anyone rude about Harry Potter would be sent to Azkaban with the dementors hahaha

    Holly x


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