Tuesday, 31 December 2013

End of 2013 Book Survey

This survey was created by Jamie from The Perpetual Page-Turner and I was inspired to do this by Holly at A DayDreamer's Thoughts and Jack at The Book Stop. The images used in this post were designed by me, because Jamie's images wouldn't work on my blog for some reason. Anyway, on with the survey!

1) Best books you read in 2013? (If you have to cheat, you can break it down by genre if you want or 2013 release vs. backlist.)

Ketchup Clouds by Annabel Pitcher, City of Bones by Cassandra Clare, Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins, Pivot Point by Kasie West and The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. I've probably forgotten a million books but these are the ones that first flew into my mind. Holy fudge these were awesome.

2) Book you were excited about and thought you were going to love but didn't?

I don't really see how this question can go in the 'Best in Books' section but whatever. A book I was extremely excited to read was Stella by Helen Eve, but if you read my review you'll know Stella was a huge disappointment. I gave it 1/5. SAD FACE x100.

3) Most surprising (in a good way!) book of 2013?

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. I wasn't really sure what to expect, but the plot completely took me by surprise.

4) Book you read in 2013 that you recommended to people most in 2013?

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. I didn't expect to love it as much as I did, so after I'd finished it I recommended it like crazy! *cough* If you haven't read it, why not?.....

5) Best series you discovered in 2013?

Wow, I can see these books are going to pop up a lot in my answers...The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. Sorry...

6) Favourite new author you discovered in 2013?

There are a few: Megan Sparks, Cassandra Clare, Annabel Pitcher, Karen Saunders, David Levithan, Stephanie Perkins, and Lisa M. Forester.

7) Best book that was out of your comfort zone or was a new genre for you?

Dreams by Daniela Sacerdoti. I didn't give it 5/5 but it was about demons and things like that, which is part of a genre I read very rarely.

8) Most thrilling, unputdownable book in 2013?

Pretty Girl Thirteen by Liz Coley. A paranormal thriller, it was definitely unputdownable!

9) Book you read in 2013 that you are most likely to re-read next year?

I don't have time to re-read books, but if I did, I would probably pick one of the Harry Potter books!

10) Favourite cover of a book you read in 2013?

11) Most memorable character in 2013?

Tiny Cooper from Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan. He's so loud and loveable. WE APPRECIATE YOU, TINY COOPER!

12) Most beautifully written book read in 2013?

Charm and Strange by Stephanie Keuhn. 

13) Book that had the greatest impact on you in 2013?

Anthem for Jackson Dawes by Celia Bryce and The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I thought I would include two books for this answer seeing as they are both on the same subject. Another book that had a great impact on me in the way that it re-fueled my dream of travelling Europe was Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins.

14) Book you can't believe you waited until 2013 to finally read?

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare! I should've read it long ago!

15) Favourite passage/quote from a book you read in 2013?

"I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once." 
"My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations."
- The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

16) Shortest and longest book you read in 2013?

The shortest book is actually a play, but it's in book form. That's not cheating right? The book/play I'm talking about is An Inspector Calls by J.B Priestly - it only has 81 pages! The longest book I read is City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare at 535 pages.

17) Book that had a scene in it that had you reeling and dying to talk to somebody about it? (A WTF moment, an epic revelation, a steamy kiss, etc.) Be careful of spoilers!

I'm trying not to mention this book too much but I'm clearly failing. THAT moment in City of Bones. You know the one. I went straight to Twitter and fangirled/died/hoped it wasn't true. 

18) Favourite relationship from a book you read in 2013 (be it romantic, friendship, etc.)

I liked Lilly and Emma's friendship in Cyberstalker by Jens Hildebrand. Emma was very loyal to Lilly, even in the most challenging circumstances. I also loved Addie and Trevor's relationship in Pivot Point by Kasie West, and Annie and Jesse's relationship in the Roller Girls series by Megan Sparks! I SHIP SO MANY PEOPLE.

19) Favourite book you read in 2013 from an author you've read previously.

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I had previously read Paper Towns when I first started this blog, but I was very young then so I didn't enjoy it as much as I would now. I now own a signed copy of The Fault in Our Stars - it's one of the best things I own!

20) Best book you read in 2013 that you read based solely on a recommendation from somebody else.

I don't really read books based on somebody else's recommendation, because we all have different opinions, so I might end up hating a book they thought was brilliant. I tend to read books based on my own judgement.

21) Genre you read the most from in 2013?

YA Contemporary.

22) Newest fictional crush from a book you read in 2013?

Aaron from Ketchup Clouds by Annabel Pitcher and Will from Salvage by Keren David.

23) Best 2013 debut you read?

The Elites by Natasha Ngan.

24) Most vivid world/imagery in a book you read in 2013?

Cross My Heart by Carmen Reid. The imagery was beautiful and I felt like I was really there...I'm glad that I wasn't, seeing as it was set in WW2!

25) Book that was the most fun to read in 2013?

Freaks by Lisa M. Forester. I just really enjoyed getting immersed in the story!

26) Book that made you cry or nearly cry in 2013?

So many books. The Elites by Natasha Ngan, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare, the final Roller Girls book by Megan Sparks and Picture Me Gone by Meg Rosoff. The last one made me nearly cry...from boredom.

27) Book you read in 2013 that you think got overlooked this year or when it came out?

The Year of the Great Seventh by Teresa Orts. Not many people seem to know about this book but I was pleasantly surprised by it and thought it was truly stunning! I decided to review this book in the Guardian newspaper because it's a book that deserves a ton of publicity!

1) New favourite book blog you discovered in 2013?

There are four that particularly stand out for me, and in no particular order they are...

Feed Me Books Now! Ruby has such a distinct writing style and her reviews always leave me desperate to read the book (unless it's a negative review, of course, but those are written brilliantly too!)

Another favourite book blog I discovered this year is The Book Stop. Jack isn't afraid to speak his mind, so you always know you're getting his 100% honest thoughts.

Booklol16 is also a great blog. I think it's great that Jaden is book blogging at such a young age!

And finally, A DayDreamer's Thoughts is a relatively new but extremely awesome book blog, and Holly has quickly become one of my best friends!

You're all kind of awesome. SLOTHY HUGS.

2) Favourite review that you wrote in 2013?

My favourite positive review that I wrote in 2013 has to be my review of City of Bones by Cassandra Clare (HOW many times have I mentioned that book? Sorry!) My favourite negative review that I wrote is Stella by Helen Eve.

3) Best discussion you had on your blog?

I loved the discussions I had on my blog this year, particularly 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Start a Book Blog.

4) Most thought-provoking review or discussion you read on somebody else's blog?

I remember this post on The Book Stop (link removed due to blog no longer existing) being very thought-provoking because I think it perfectly sums up how every book blogger feels at some point. I'm also including Holly's post on bullying (link removed due to blog no longer existing) because I think it took a lot of courage to write the post and she raised a lot of good points.

5) Best event that you participated in (author signings, festivals, virtual events, memes, etc.)?

I haven't been to an author signing or festival since 2011, but I'm hoping next year will be full of them. I don't really participate in virtual events or memes, either... does my blogoversary festival count? Next year my answer to this question will be better because I'm planning to go to the Hay Festival in May, where authors such as Cassandra Clare and Jacqueline Wilson are doing signings. Hopefully going to see Zoe, Rita, Lucy, Sophie, Georgia and Hawwa there too!

6) Best moment of book blogging/your book life in 2013?

I got to interview David Levithan which was amazing but also extremely nervewracking and all kinds of scary as he's a very well-known author. I'm so glad to have been given such a great opportunity though; I'll remember it forever! I also got a job writing for an actual magazine which is my dream job, so to have been given my dream job before I'd even turned 15...well, I'm still speechless, even now.

7) Most popular post this year on your blog (whether it be by comments or views)?

The most popular post on my blog this year by views was my discussion on Grammarly which got over 4000 views, with my post on how to start a book blog coming a close second. My most popular post this year on my blog by comments was when I was Parajunkee's featured blogger, gaining me over 100 comments, with my blogoversary kick-off post coming a close second with over 50.

8) Post you wished got a little more love?

Any of my reviews that got no/not many comments!

9) Best bookish discovery (book related sites, book stores, etc)?

Ashley's new book blogging directory which I guest blog for. I'm so glad someone decided to make a decent directory, to be honest. The others were pretty useless, but Ashley's is a quickly-growing community of book lovers!

10) Did you complete any reading challenges or goals that you had set for yourself at the beginning of this year?

I don't participate in reading challenges because quite frankly, I don't need that kind of pressure. I know something like that would turn reading into a chore for me.

1) One book you didn't get to in 2013 but will be your number one priority in 2014?

Divergent by Veronica Roth. Maybe. I don't know, people keep pushing me to read it and that just makes me want to read it less. *edit* I'm reading Divergent now! I'd love to read The Book Thief but I don't own it...*hint hint*

2) Book you are most anticipating for 2014 (non-debut)?

The last book in the Chocolate Box Girls series by Cathy Cassidy. Sad to see the series ending, but I can't wait to read it! I'm also SO excited for City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare! AHHH! ....If anyone dies I will not be happy. JACE CLARY SIMON YESSS.

3) 2014 debut you are most anticipating?

Banished by Liz de Jager, out in February! The cover is gorgeous!

4) Series ending you are most anticipating for 2014?

Um...refer to my answer for question 2.

5) One thing you hope to accomplish or do in your reading/blogging in 2014?

I just want to continue with it, really. I'd like to improve in my writing and perhaps hit 500 GFC followers. That'd be cool! It'd be good to get my quote in a couple more books too. You'll see more of my blogging goals in a blog post coming soon.

So...I finished it. Finally. Give me a medal. *gasps for water* *collapses* *dies from answering too many questions*

Feel free to link to your answers! I wish you all the best for 2014, I hope it's a good year for all of you. :)

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

My Bloggy Buddies

First of all, HAPPY CHRISTMAS! I know hardly anyone will see this post today, seeing as you're probably all being sociable and stuff. And eating lots. And possibly trying to wrestle a cat off a Christmas tree... okay, maybe the last one is just happening here. But I just wanted to do a special blog post for my friends, to let them know they're awesome and I love them and stuff *hugs* I was inspired to do this post after seeing Musings of 2013: Blogging Friends (or People I Just Love) over at Musings of a Blogder. This is in alphabetical order, sorry, Zoe C and Zoe B...

Amy - You live kind-of near me and you're funny! Your comments always make me smile and, even though I don't comment on your blog very often, I always read your posts. I'm glad we're friends!
Ashley - I swear you're an actual genius. Firstly, Nose Graze is so fun and different from everyone else's blogs. Secondly, you made the best book blogging directory there has ever been. And you're lovely! We may not talk a lot but I just wanted to say you're awesome. :D
Cat - I've known you for...8 years! We don't talk much anymore but I still read your blog all the time and I'm always here if you ever need a chat. :)
Charli - I can't believe I only 'met' you in June! Your blog is one of my favourites and you're my Twitter Niece. xD You're really fun to talk to! You're obsessed with sticky notes and I'm pretty sure you have them in every colour, shape and size... ;)
Debbie - You're so kind and generous, and you put up with my unicorn-ness/slothiness/craziness! You meet all the best people and you go to all the best events, it's really not fair. ;) YOU MET CASSANDRA CLARE. AND DAVID LEVITHAN. *screams* Also, you sent me more Christmas presents than one of my own relatives did. YAY DEBBIE 
Fiona - I love your videos so much! You sent me my first Rainbow Rowell book (thank you!), so now I'm desperate to read the rest.
Georgia - You're fun to talk to and, like Debbie, it's so unfair that you get to go to all the blogger events! TAKE ME WITH YOU. HIDE ME IN YOUR BAG OR SOMETHING. You're really pretty and I frequently find myself on your blog.
Hawwa - You're a fangirl, and I turned you into a unicorn. I also got you obsessed with Cimorelli, you send me books, and you hate the people I hate. Therefore, we are automatically friends ;) You really like Miley Cyrus which, y'know, is a bit weird but oh well. You're amazeballs. Oh and you're my Twitter sister, apparently ;P 
Holly - You are the kindest person I know. Seriously. We've been through some of the same things and you're so supportive and awesome and pretty and...uh...did I say awesome already?!
Jack - Fudge. We talk nearly all the time and you put up with my weirdness (like when I turned Wrecking Ball into a song about Christmas puddings). You're one of the nicest people I know, your blog is one of my favourites and you're really funny! Much asparagus.
Nova - We don't talk much but you're really nice and funny, and I love your blog! Plus you're a fan of Lorde. YES. 
Rachel - I've known you for a very very very very very long time. You're a Potterhead and your blog is booktastic! See what I did there? Aren't I hilarious...;P
Rita - YOU SANG ME HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN PORTUGUESE! You're usually on Twitter, so I fangirl with you a lot. I love your 'Discussion with an 8yr old' posts!
Ruby - Your blog is beautiful. The design, the writing...everything. I'm so glad I know you, and your blog is my #1 favourite to read. You're a genius when it comes to art!
Sophie - ROBERT SHEEHAN. We fangirl a LOT and we often end up just quoting The Fault in Our Stars, Harry Potter or City of Bones at each other. I like that whenever you send something to me, you sign it from 'Sophie and Simon' or 'Sophie and Jace'. ;)
Sunny - My sunny friend! You live in the future (uh...kind of...let's not go into technical details here...>.<) and you love Jamie Campbell Bower. WOOP! Your blog is so pretty and you're really nice. Thank you for being awesome. xD
Zoe B - You're insanely talented and you draw Pringles and sloths really well. I've known you for what seems like a reaaaally long time, because I remember reading your blog when you were on Cathy Cassidy's dream team! YOU AWESOME PERSON.
Zoe C - Zoe Zoe Zoeeee. You're my blogoversary twin! You're really nice and asdfghjkl I'm so glad to know you! If I had to use 4 words to describe you, they would be: Potterhead, Shadowhunter, and pure awesomeness. *throws books to you*

Now imagine a book blogger Christmas dinner. Holy fudge, that would be crazy. For the first three years of book blogging I didn't really interact with other bloggers, but this year has definitely been my best year of blogging and it's mainly down to you guys. Thank you :)

I probably missed a ton of people out, but I hope you have a really good day and a happy new year! See you on the last day of 2013 for my end-of-year book survey!

Sunday, 22 December 2013

RE: 'Beware of Grammarly's Intentions!'

Before reading this post, please read my original discussion about Grammarly here.

Have you read it now?

Awesome. So as you now know, in that blog post I said the guy was creepy for saying 'I'd love to grab some coffee. ;)' I mean, I'm still a 'minor'. What he said is weird. I also went on to say that Grammarly is a scam and that they're going against FTC regulations.

Well, guess what? Three months after I published the post on my blog, they read it. Grammarly read my blog post. And they emailed me about it.

"I just wanted to let you know that I'm very sorry for creeping you out and clearly failing to do Grammarly's Blogger Partnership Program justice in my email."

He also went on to say that my comment about credit card details took him by surprise and that I asked "a great question about Microsoft Word. The key difference is that Grammarly checks for around ten times more mistakes. We also offer plagiarism detection to make sure you're citing sources correctly."

He has also set up a Grammarly account for me so I can check it out properly (which, before writing my other blog post, I had done. I don't write stuff like that without doing research.) It's a bit strange that he set up the account for me without my permission, but I checked it out anyway and I must say it's a pretty good tool. So, thanks for the premium account, Nick.

"Hopefully you'll be able to edit your post to reflect the fact that my email wasn't a credit card scam."

I'm not going to edit my original blog post to change what I've said, but I will add a link to this post so people can get the whole story. Honestly, I still think Grammarly seems a bit strange. A lot of book bloggers were speculating about whether Nick actually worked for Grammarly, while others like me thought the whole site was a scam in general.

This is going to be a pretty long blog post so you should probably go and grab a snack.

I do think Grammarly is a good tool. I've used it and, for someone like me who is crap at grammar, it's really useful. It offers spell check, plagiarism detection and more, and I've actually learnt a few things about grammar whilst using it. And you know what? I recommend it. I do.


There's still something a bit off about Grammarly. So, no, maybe it isn't a credit card scam after all, but firstly, my Mother who isn't even a book blogger got almost exactly the same email from him about a month after I did, saying he liked her review of Wreck This Journal. The thing is, she has never reviewed Wreck This Journal, only did a giveaway of it back in 2011, so why would she get an email like that?

Secondly, Grammarly is still going against FTC regulations by not mentioning that the bloggers in question should write a disclaimer saying that they were sponsored to write the post. I could be wrong, maybe they say that in a further email, but it's worth mentioning. Someone who commented on my original post said:

"I told them that I would only participate if I followed FTC guidelines. I wrote that it was a sponsored post, even signed up for a free trial (and cancelled before my CC was charged). 

Now, after putting them as no-follow links, which is what you MUST do when you are compensated, Nick @ Grammarly is refusing to compensate me. He did NOT ever specify in any previous email that the link must be do-follow or I would not have agreed. 

Do NOT participate! Grammarly will not compensate you if you post ethically!!!! They are looking for bloggers who are willing to bend the rules. Don't stoop to that level, be ethical."

So, Grammarly, I'm going to give you a few pointers because you need them, really.

  • Proof-read the emails you send out. When promoting a grammar tool, it's really not going to help if you have a ton of grammatical errors in your email.
  • Please don't ask the blogger if they would like to meet for coffee. With a wink-face. Just...no. It makes the whole thing seem more suspicious, and quite frankly it's weird.
  • Check who you're sending the automated gift card email to. I've had two emails from you offering me a gift card and one of them said you'd found me through my Divergent review. I haven't reviewed Divergent, what are you on about? If a blogger gets an email about something he/she hasn't done then your email is going straight in the Junk folder.
  • Don't encourage the bloggers to go against FTC regulations. That's just common sense.
  • Treat bloggers better. Referring to the comment I quoted above, if a blogger is doing the right and ethical thing, don't refuse to give them the gift card you promised them because you're in the wrong.
  • Stop harassing bloggers. You have emailed me so many times these past few days that I can barely keep up, and each email is full to the brim with aggressive and manipulative comments. The things you wrote to me were so unprofessional and eventually I had to email you and ask you to stop contacting me. I was reasonable. I was polite. You, however, crossed a line.

Lots - and I mean lots - of other book bloggers wrote blog posts similar to my original one, and most of them have received emails like I did, asking them to edit their posts. I just wanted to let you guys know what happened since that first email because I've always been honest with you and I always will be. To conclude, I think Grammarly is a great tool (and no, I'm not being compensated to say this), but I don't think the way they go about their business is very professional.

I'll leave it up to you. What do you think about them?

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Salvage by Keren David

Title: Salvage
Author: Keren David
Published by: Atom
Publication date: 16th January 2014
Pages: 309
Genres: Young Adult
Format: Paperback
Source: Review copy from the publisher

Aidan Jones was my brother. But I couldn't really remember his face. I couldn't remember talking to him or playing with him. He was just a gap, an absence, a missing person.

Before she was adopted by a loving family and raised in a leafy Home Counties town, Cass Montgomery was Cass Jones. Her memories of her birth family disappeared with her name. But when her adopted family starts to break down, a way out comes in the form of a message from her lost brother, Aidan. Having Aidan back in her life is both everything she needs and nothing she expected. Who is this boy who calls himself her brother? And why is he so haunted?

I glance at the paper. There's a big picture on the front page. A girl with dark red hair. A girl with eyes that might have been green or they might have been grey. I sit down and stare at Cass, and it is her, it is. My stolen sister.

Aidan's a survivor. He's survived an abusive step-father and an uncaring mother. He's survived crowded foster homes and empty bedsits. His survived to find Cass. If only he can make her understand what it means to be part of his family. . .

Cass Montgomery has the perfect life: a big house, perfect grades, lots of money and great friends. She has a politician-father and a stay-at-home mother who can usually be found in the salon or doing pilatés, and life is good. However, Cass's life isn't so perfect under the surface. Cracks are beginning to show, and her house is constantly full of tension...but then she meets her biological brother Aidan, and slowly their story unfolds.

I finished this book about an hour ago*, and I haven't spoken since then because I'm literally speechless. Keren David has always been a favourite author of mine, ever since I read When I Was Joe and Almost True. Salvage is stunning, realistic, and everything I'd hoped for; it flows so brilliantly, and it wasn't over-the-top. It was normal. Relatable.

Salvage is written from both Cass and Aiden's points of view, giving us an insight into the life of a seemingly perfect girl, and in contrast, a boy who has had a terrible past. Aiden was brought up in various children's homes and lived with different foster parents for weeks or months at a time, moving from one to the other like a bee going from plant to plant. He spent his childhood getting abused, neglected and rejected, and I felt a ton of sympathy for him. Of course, I related to Cass more because even though I haven't had the perfect upbringing that she had, I haven't spent my time in children's homes like Aiden. It was good to read from Cass's point of view because she's like me; neither of us truly know what it's like to have Aiden's upbringing.

The characters are wonderful, and I really liked the addition of Will Hughes - bright, bouncy and full of life. There never seemed to be a dull moment with him around, and I feel that if he hadn't been in the book, Salvage might have been a bit depressing. He really livened it up and gave that extra sparkle to the already gleaming book.

Salvage is completely brilliant as expected! You'll laugh, you'll cry, but most of all you'll enjoy it. I highly recommend it!
*This review was written on December 1st.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Stella by Helen Eve

Title: Stella
Author: Helen Eve
Published by: Macmillan
Publication date: 2nd January 2014
Pages: 361
Genres: Young Adult
Format: Paperback
Source: Review copy from the publisher.

Seventeen-year-old Stella Hamilton is the star blazing at the heart of Temperley High. Leader of the maliciously exclusive elite, she is surrounded by adulation, envied and lusted after in equal measure. And she is in the final stage of a five-year campaign to achieve her destiny: love with her equally popular male equivalent, and triumph as Head Girl on election night.

By contrast, new girl Caitlin Clarke has until now lived a quietly conformist life in New York. With the collapse of her parents' marriage she has been sent across the Atlantic for an English boarding-school education, only to discover that at Temperley the only important rules are the unwritten ones. It's a world of the beautiful and the dangerous, and acceptance means staying on the right side of Stella Hamilton, the most beautiful and dangerous of them all.

Not everyone is happy to be under the Hamilton rule. But fighting the system means treading the same dark path as Stella - and if Caitlin puts a foot wrong, it's a long way to fall...

Hmm...where to begin. The summary is long and detailed enough that I'm just going to jump straight in with what I thought about Stella, and wow, do I have a lot of thoughts on the matter.

Stella started off promisingly with a fresh voice that took me pleasantly by surprise and my first thought was 'This is good!' Sadly, it all went downhill from there and the prologue was honestly the only bit of the book I found myself enjoying.

The language in this book is more Middle-Grade than YA - it was boring and flat, and more often than not I found myself drifting back onto Twitter which doesn't happen when you're reading a good book! Good books keep you engrossed in the story and sadly, this book just didn't deliver. I didn't care about any of the characters; I'd liked Caitlin at first but to see her change into such an annoying and transparent character was almost unbearable. All of the little love triangles were confusing, too. Luke, Edward; a countless amount of boys whom Stella was either dating or secretly liked. She had a secret agenda with each of them - some of them she used to get more popular, some of them she used to help her in the school election - and I'm still not overly sure whether she actually liked any of them.

When writing a book, there's generally a rule: 'Don't give characters similar names." This book was plagued with similar names and I now understand why that rule is in place - it's so confusing! All of the names in Stella's family begin with S. There's her mother, Seraphina, and her sisters Siena and Syrena. For half of the book I thought Siena was Stella's younger sister, but she's actually older, so there's a hint for you if you're going to read it. Another confusing thing about this book is that towards the end, Caitlin, Stella, Siena and Syrena kind of merged together in the way they looked, which made it very difficult to tell them apart. There's a particular scene where no names are mentioned and we can only tell who is who by the way they are described. Well, guess what? They all look the same and it's not like either of them had their own voice.

Quite frankly, this book is boring. If you've been reading this blog from the start, you'll know how much I hate writing negative reviews. I always try to point out positives so the review ends up balanced, but I just can't with this book. I really don't recommend it at all and I feel like reading it was a complete waste of time. If you like plot driven books then Stella isn't for you, but then again there isn't much description either. It's really quite bland, like cornflakes. This book did have some funny, snappy one-liners but that hardly makes up for the lack of enjoyment I had whilst reading this. At the time of writing this review (December 11th) the book has an average rating of 1/5 on Goodreads and I can't say I'm at all surprised.

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Blogoversary Festival - Wrap-Up!

It's the end of my two-week-long blogoversary celebrations! I've had lots of fun writing these posts and reading your lovely comments but I'm also looking forward to going back to normal, now! If you have missed any of the blogoversary posts this fortnight, you can go back and read them here:

There was also meant to be a bookshelf tour but I had a ton of technical problems and it's really stressing me out so I've put that on hold for the moment. Hopefully I'll be able to upload it for you guys soon. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported this blog in some way for the last four years and I hope you enjoyed the blog posts! *sends you all virtual cake and books*

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Blogoversary Festival - Dream Blogoversaries

I asked some of my bloggy friends what their dream blogoversaries would be like. Here is what they had to say, starting with Jessica from Booked Up!

Hi Amber! Before I start talking about my dream blogoversary, I just have to say to you: Happy Blogoversary! Eeeeep! *blows up balloons and bakes blogoversary cake!* Haha, and thank you for asking me to be a part of this special day, too. :)

When you asked me what my dream blogoversary would be, I was actually pretty stuck on what to answer. There are just so many bookish things that I would love to do, and events I am dying to attend, that it was hard to narrow it down and pick one thing. But, after much deliberation, I decided that I would love to spend my blogoversary in London. I mean, come on, EVERYTHING fantastic goes on in London! There are so many bookish events and author signings that I've been kindly invited to - only to realise they are occurring in the capital, that I live sooo far away from. *cries* I would magically fly there (it's cheaper than the tube...) and spend the whole day trying to fit everything I could into my time there. First, I'd take an amazing trip to Waterstones Piccadilly - the LARGEST BOOKSHOP IN EUROPE! There are six floors dedicated to books, 150,000 titles in stock and over eight miles of shelving. I mean, can you imagine how wonderful that bookshop must be? You'd have to drag me out. :P

Then I'd do a bit of sightseeing and have lunch in some fancy restaurant, before flying back home to slightly less exciting East Anglia.

So that's my idea of a perfect blogoversary. Fingers crossed it will really happen someday. ;) 

That sounds so fun! I didn't actually know Waterstones Piccadilly is the biggest bookshop in Europe...can I come with you? And I had no idea we live in the same area! 2 hours on the train to London isn't too bad! :)

Next up is my friend Georgia from Books and Writers JNR.

Hmm... what would I do on my dream blogoversary? Firstly, I'd throw a huge party for all of the lovely publishers who send me things, the lovely people who read my blog, the lovely bloggers who read my blog and who I fangirl with, and my dad for introducing me to this book bloggy thing :D. Oh, and also at the party would be all of the book characters I love, because, you know... they are real! There would be cake. Obviously.

Then...  I'd hop on a private plane to New York City, where I'd go to the strand bookshop. For those of you who don't know what that is... how do you not know what that is?! It's a massive, famous bookshop for having eighteen miles of books collectively! I would spend all of this money that I magically gained on countless books and bookish things. Than I'd probably go grab a time turner off of Hermione Granger and spend countless extra hours reading books. And tweeting. And writing up blog posts. And that's about it, I think! What's more to life than blogging, reading, shopping for books, and tweeting, guys? 

I agree! Now I want 'What's more to life than blogging, reading, shopping for books, and tweeting?' on a t-shirt...

What would your dream blogoversary be like? If you're not a blogger, what would your dream birthday be like?

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Blogoversary Festival - WIN a US hardback edition of Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell!

Seeing as fangirling has taken up most of my time during these past four years as well as blogging, I thought it would be perfect to give away a US hardback edition of Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell! I haven't actually read this so I am incredibly jealous that you're all getting a chance to read it!

Cath and Wren are identical twins, and until recently they did absolutely everything together. Now they're off to university and Wren's decided she doesn't want to be one half of a pair any more - she wants to dance, meet boys, go to parties and let loose. It's not so easy for Cath. She's horribly shy and has always buried herself in the fan fiction she writes, where she always knows exactly what to say and can write a romance far more intense than anything she's experienced in real life. Without Wren Cath is completely on her own and totally outside her comfort zone. She's got a surly room-mate with a charming, always-around boyfriend, a fiction-writing professor who thinks fan fiction is the end of the civilized world, a handsome classmate who only wants to talk about words... And she can't stop worrying about her dad, who's loving and fragile and has never really been alone. Now Cath has to decide whether she's ready to open her heart to new people and new experiences, and she's realizing that there's more to learn about love than she ever thought possible...

This giveaway is INTERNATIONAL!

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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Blogoversary Festival - Playlist!

I've put together a playlist of some of my favourite songs especially for my blogoversary, including tracks from Lorde, Zoe Bestel (who is also a fellow book blogger!), Coldplay and more.

Have a listen; what do you think? Enjoy!

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Blogoversary Festival - 10 of the best books I've read through book blogging

Book blogging gave me - and others, I know - access to magical worlds, kind people and thrilling adventures that I might not have bothered to read about had I not become a book blogger. Back in the days before book blogging when I spent every Tuesday afternoon at the library, I ignored hundreds of books because the cover didn't look good or the blurb didn't interest me. Through book blogging I feel like I have broadened my horizons in terms of the books I pick up. I don't judge books by their covers anymore...much. And if a blurb doesn't jump out at me straight away, I'll read reviews to see if it's worth reading, or I'll consult my bloggy friends instead of just giving up on it.

Today I am going to show you ten of the best books I have read through book blogging which I never would've picked up before. In no particular order...(I've always wanted to say that):

1) Anthem for Jackson Dawes by Celia Bryce                                              Buy the book / See my review
When Megan Bright arrives in hospital for her first cancer treatment, there is only one other teenager there - Jackson Dawes.

He is cute, rebellious...and infuriating. Even so, Megan finds herself slowly and surely drawn to him.

But so is everybody. Jackson is a whirlwind of life and energy, warmth and sparkle. Megan will need some of his extraordinary optimism as they face the difficult times ahead. 
An uplifting story of bravery, loss and love against the odds.
Every love song must come to an end...

2) Listening for Lucca by Suzanne LaFleur                                                     Buy the book / See my review
"We're moving to your house - the one from your dream."

Siena sees what isn't there, collects what's left behind.

"Lucca led me to his room, and then just stood in the middle, waiting for me to notice something."

Her brother Lucca hasn't spoken for over a year.

The doctors think he needs a fresh start - that's why her family left Brooklyn. But their new home feels hauntingly familiar - and when Siena finds an old pen the story she writes is not her own...

Can the secrets of the past help Siena break her brother's silence?

A secret untold - until now...

3) Pretty Girl Thirteen by Liz Coley                                                                Buy the book / See my review
When sixteen-year-old Angie Chapman walks in the front door of her house, everything looks the same.

The same, but not quite.

Why is her handsome father's black hair completely grey?

Why does her mother collapse in tears? Then they tell her: she has been missing, presumed dead, for three years.

But while Angie can't recall a single detail of where she has been or how long she's been gone, there are people who do remember. People who can tell her everything. If only they weren't locked inside her mind.

Is she ready to learn the truth about Pretty Girl Thirteen?

4) The Elites by Natasha Ngan                                                                       Buy the book / See my review
Hundreds of years into the future, wars, riots, resource crises and rising sea levels have destroyed the old civilisations. Only one city has survived: Neo-Babel, a city full of cultures - and racial tension. Fifteen-year-old Silver is an Elite, a citizen of Neo-Babel chosen to guard the city due to her superior DNA.

She'd never dream of leaving - but then she fails to prevent the assassination of Neo-Babel's president, setting off a chain of events more shocking and devastating than she could have ever imagined. Forced to flee the city with her best friend Butterfly, Silver will have to fight to find her family, uncover the truth about Neo-Babel - and to survive.

5) The Year of the Great Seventh by Teresa Orts                                           Buy the book / See my review
Sophie has always felt out of step - an outsider, even amongst friends in her high school with all the hype about celebrity culture.

Her life in LA seems to have been already written for her, but when her junior year starts, it all takes a drastic turn. When she crosses paths with the school's heartthrob, Nate Werner, they fall for each other in a way neither can understand.

What they don't know is that by giving in to their desires, they are unlocking an ancient Egyptian prophecy that threatens to return Earth to the dark ages.

To undo the curse, Nate and Sophie embark on an adventure that takes them across the country.

But their quest is not only to save the world as they know it. It is also a fight for their very survival.

Behind the scenes, there are those that are counting on them to fail.

6) Time Between Us by Tamara Ireland Stone                                               Buy the book / See my review
CHICAGO, 1995.
Anna is sixteen, and fiercely determined to travel the world.

Bennett is seventeen...and desperately trying to stay in one place.

Their paths were never supposed to cross. But Bennett has the incredible ability to travel through time and space, and suddenly finds himself in Anna's world.

They are inescapably drawn together - but it can never last. For no matter how hard Bennett tries to stay with Anna, his unpredictable gift will inevitably knock him right back to where he belongs - and Anna will be left alone to pick up the pieces.

7) The Originals by Cat Patrick                                                                      Buy the book / See my review
I glance at the three baby portraits in thick wooden frames.

I feel a familiar prickling on the back of my neck.

Because I know there's another picture somewhere - and the baby in that photo looks identical to the babies on the wall.

Somewhere, there's a photo of the Original.

Ella, Betsey and I look like sisters: triplets, you might think. But that's not what we are at all. We are clones in hiding. We split our lives and exist as one person in the outside world. And we've always been happy.

But now I've fallen head-over-heels in love...and that changes everything. Because, to let love in, I need to be allowed to be Me.

Three girls. One life.

8) Geekhood: Close Encounters of the Girl Kind by Andy Robb                     Buy the book / See my review
Archie is fourteen years old and a geek to his core.

In the world of role-playing games, he's a Level 5 Mage, capable of summoning the Undead. In this world, things are rather different. With no rule book to navigate Life's Big Challenges - warring parents, a crass step-father, orc-like school bullies and crap hair - he's teetering on the brink...

Then a Beautiful Girl appears in his Geeky world...Despite the fact that the closest he's come to an encounter with a girl is painting an Elven miniature, Archie embarks on a Daring Quest to win her heart.

Geek meets Girl...what could possibly go right?

9) From What I Remember by Stacy Kramer and Valerie Thomas                 Buy the book / See my review
I am jolted awake by sunlight flooding the room.

What time is it? Where am I?

I turn my head and that's when I see him. The gorgeous boy lying next to me.

Oh. My. God. Max.

This is bad. Very, very bad.

At midday, class brainiac Kylie Flores is due to give the most important speech of her life. And yet somehow she's woken up in Mexico, in a bed she doesn't recognise, with the hangover from hell and the hottest boy in school - and they're both wearing wedding bands. 

She might be a budding screenwriter, but even Kylie's vivid imagination can't come up with the ending to this movie.

Rewind 48 hours...

10) The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes                                                      Buy the book / See my review
Name: Cassie Hobbes
Age: 17
Skill: Profiler
Status: Recruited

Cassie Hobbes is joining The Naturals: a secret FBI programme for exceptionally talented teenagers. But when a new serial killer strikes close to the Naturals HQ, Cassie starts to learn all about mortal danger - outside the classroom.

Caught in a lethal game of cat and mouse, Cassie and her friends will have to use all their skills just to stay alive...

Have you read any of these books? If you're a book blogger, what are the best books you have read through book blogging?

Friday, 6 December 2013

Blogoversary Festival Guest Post - How to make Festival Bunting by Cathy Cassidy!

Today bestselling children's/YA author and festival queen Cathy Cassidy is going to show you how to make festival bunting! You can see Cathy's books here and you can visit her website here. She is one of the most awesome people I know so you should go and 'like' Cathy on Facebook and follow her on Twitter too! ;) Now, on with the tutorial! Aren't her drawings gorgeous?

1) First gather some scraps of cotton fabric in bright colours and patterns. (Recycle some unwanted clothes, but get permission first!)

2) If you cut the fabric into rectangles, you can draw a zig-zag pattern as illustrated to help you cut the triangles. (You will have to discard the two pieces to far left & right, as they are only 'half' triangles!)

3) Gather your piles of differently coloured and patterned cut-out triangles and choose one.

4) Thread a needle with toning thread. Turn the triangle to the 'wrong' side and fold back the edges along the sides of the triangle that slope down to the 'point' of the triangle, like hems. You can iron the folds down if that helps. Stitch these neatly, making sure your stitches don't show on the 'right' side of the fabric.

 5) Hem and neaten all the triangles. (You can do this over several days!)

6) If you want to be extra cool, add little yarn tassels to the points of each triangle.

7) Assemble bunting: Lay out your triangles in a straight line, 'wrong' side facing upwards, varying colours and patterns as you go along. Lay a piece of ribbon or string as long as you wish the bunting to be across the tops of the triangles, as illustrated. Fold the top edge of the first triangle down over the ribbon/ string and stitch in place, taking a few stitches through the ribbon/string to keep the triangle from slipping.

8) Leave a gap and stitch your next triangle into place, until everything is attached. Hang up your bunting!

9) Not a domestic goddess? The good news is you can make cool bunting with unhemmed fabric... and you can attach it to the ribbon/ string with staples or white PVA glue (the glue won't survive the rain, though!)

Have a great festival!
Cathy Cassidy xxx

Let us know how your bunting turns out in the comments!

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Blogoversary Festival Guest Post - Top 10 Things a Writer Needs by Emma Pass

Today I have Emma Pass - the wonderful author of ACID - on the blog telling us the top 10 things a writer needs! I asked her to go with less stereotypical things like 'pen' or 'paper', so here they are. You can follow her on Twitter here and you can check out her books here! Enjoy!

1. Pyjamas
Everyone knows that to be creative, you need to be comfortable. So why get dressed when you don't have to?

2. A bed (the bigger and softer the better)
See point 1. Any idiot can sit in a chair at a desk.

3. Curtains
So the neighbours don't catch sight of you sitting in bed in your pyjamas all day.

4. A pet
So you've got someone to bounce your ideas off who won't answer back (or tell you the book you're writing is not, actually, the best thing since Harry Potter/The Hunger Games/Twilight).

5. Unfettered access to the internet
For all those hours of procrastination AKA 'research'. Also good for online shopping so you don't actually have to get dressed to go and buy food/books/whatever.

6. Sunglasses
For those rare and terrifying occasions you do have to venture outside (the light can really hurt your eyes). Oh, and don't forget to put on some clothes! (And shoes. Shoes are also good.)

7. Cavity wall insulation
Not only will it keep you toasty in winter, the neighbours won't be able to hear you swearing when you hit your latest plot-snarl.

8. Netflix
For all that TV you're going to miss while you're hard at work on your book. Although, why not have a quick flick through now, just in case you're missing anything?

9. Coffee (or tea)
You need to stay alert to meet those deadlines. What do you mean, you haven't slept in a week? Get back to work!

10. Wine
After a hard day's messing about on the internet buying books off Amazon Googling your reviews writing, you deserve to unwind. Cheers!

What is your writing essential? Don't say pen...

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Blogoversary Festival - End of 2013 Giveaway!

I always do giveaways for my blogoversaries, don't I? Well this one is bigger and better than ever before! Check out all the amazing prizes you can win!

- Passion by Lauren Kate (signed)
- Fallen in Love by Lauren Kate (signed)
- Geekhood: Close Encounters of the Girl Kind by Andy Robb (signed)
- Cross My Heart by Carmen Reid (signed)
- The Disgrace of Kitty Grey by Mary Hooper
- Hysteria by Megan Miranda
- All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terril
- Dance of Shadows by Yelena Black
- Anthem for Jackson Dawes by Celia Bryce
- Bringing the Summer by Julia Green
- The Northern Sky by Julia Green
- Breathing Underwater by Julia Green
- Drawing with Light by Julia Green
- Ruby Redfort travel card holder
- Ruby Redfort iPod Touch 4th gen case
- The Chemistry of Fate by Meradeth Houston bookmark
- Colors Like Memories by Meradeth Houston bookmark
- Book Geek tote bag
- Puffin Books tote bag

Thank you to the generous people at  Bloomsbury, Mira Ink, Puffin and HarperCollins, and thank you to Meradeth Houston, Andy Robb, Lauren Kate and Carmen Reid! They all donated these wonderful prizes.

It's just dawned on me how much this is going to cost to send, so unfortunately this giveaway is only open to UK and Ireland residents. However there will be an international giveaway next week!

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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Blogoversary Festival - Dream Characters and Dream Festivals!

Today I thought I would put together a very different blog post from my usual ones. I gathered a bunch of my bloggy friends and asked them to design their own book characters. Here they are! Aren't they amazing? We'll start with Primus Johnson, a character designed by Zoe from Bookhi!

"Primus Johnson -  blonde hair, blue eyes, clear skin, good grades, kind to everyone, pretty, perfect?
Primus Johnson has lived a normal life for 17 years until she wakes up in a small, white room with bars on the windows. She discovers that she was created in a lab as the "perfect specimen". The person who created her is planning to do so much more to the world - will she stop him before it's too late?"

Primus Johnson is the main character in the book Zoe is writing. She sounds awesome and so does the book! Thanks Zoe!

Next up is Ruby from Feed Me Books Now! Her character is the little dreamer and it's so cute!

"The Little Dreamer - My dream book character would be a bit like this (although I'm not bothered about her actual appearance). She'd be a young girl, brimming with creativity, flawed only by her naivety. She'd be a daydreamer - the best characters always are! - and sort of like a character from a Neil Gaiman novel...Naturally, she'd be a book addict, as well as an aspiring author - think of Jo from Little Women! There's nothing special about my ideal character, but that's why I love the idea of her so much! :)"

Seeing as my blogoversary this year is festival themed, some of my bloggy friends decided to tell us what their dream festivals would be like. First up is Sunny from A Sunny Spot!

Candy Floss Clouds (basically the ‘I was killed by the feels and still haven’t recovered yet’ festival): Think of Candy Floss Clouds as a support group for all those readers whose emotions were killed when their favourite character died, or favourite couple was couple no more. CFS is a festival for those who are still mourning and recovering for the feels overload that us readers are continuously presented with. Why does it have such a pleasant name then? Well if it was called ‘I am a depressed reader’ then that wouldn’t be fun at all. Seeing as this mission of this festival is to spread joy and comfort, we decided to give it a happy name as that is the result we are aiming to achieve by creating this event.

What are ‘The feels’?: The feels for those of you who don’t know, is a term used to describe the varying emotions when reading a book. From the heartbreak, surprise, and horror to excitement and happiness.

This festival runs for 5 days and each day for a hour, a support group is held where readers sob or fangirl over all the things that gave us feels. We have 2 book stalls and during the course of 5 days, 2 author talks and signings. There will be daily discussion groups and each day a new topic. To relieve the reader from stress there are spa’s, massages and lots of free Candy Floss.

I NEED TO GO THERE. And isn't Sunny's banner gorgeous? I love it! Next up is Rita from Weaving Pages with The Book-Boyfriend Festival!

Roll up! Roll up! Whilst everyone else may be boasting that their festivals are bursting with lights, glitter, unicorns and rainbows, I have unicorns, Chairman Meow and Church, as well as something that will blow your mind; book boyfriends. Yes, you are reading correctly.

Since I am awesome, my wonderful book boyfriends have kindly agreed to give you all free hugs as part of this festival and to hand out free copies of the books they are in! Isn't that lovely? Then there is a whole host of book themed rides: Why not ride the Hippogriff after getting a hug from Jace? Or kill demons after talking to Peeta? Admit it - this is the festival of your dreams, so why not come along?

*Anyone caught trying to steal book boyfriends will be thrown in Azkaban. Thank you!

If you could set up a festival, what would it be for? 

Monday, 2 December 2013

Blogoversary Festival - Meet the VIPs!

Welcome to the second day of my Blogoversary Festival! Today you get to meet the VIPs aka a bunch of my bloggy friends. Quite a luxurious festival tent they've got here, right? Let's ask them some questions!

 Hey everyone! *gives out VIP passes* I have some questions for you guys. Let's start with you, Sophie! If you could be any character from any book, who would you be? I think I'd be Hermione, as common as that sounds... 

Sophie: Ahhh! Such a tough question! *stares at bookshelf, running lists of characters through head* OK, I think I'd be Lena Duchannes from Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. I would love to be able to have her Caster Powers but also spend hours wondering around the Caster Library. Even so, who wouldn't want to be the love-interest of Ethan Wate? It's the Southern Accent!

 I have no idea who any of those people are. I should probably read Beautiful Creatures at some point! I think my friend has it on her Kindle so maybe I can read it on that next time I see her. Which brings me to the next question; e-books or physical books? 

Sophie: Physical books - I didn't have to think much about this one! My Kindle spends weeks without being charged up but, I can't spend any time away from my book shelf! The most would be a day! It's the way physical books feel and smell (this will sound strange to everyone but book lovers!) and how you can spend hours staring at the pretty spines and covers on your shelf. And am I the only one who loves the feeling of accomplishment when you can close the book and just sit there for a while thinking about what you have just read, and then go up and choose another one?

I completely agree, Sophie! *notices Eileen singing in the corner* Hey Eileen, come here please, I have questions! *gives Eileen a cupcake* If you could either take millions of selfies for the rest of your life or sing for the rest of your life, which would you pick?

Eileen: I can't comprehend the absolute absurdity of this question because how can one expect me to pick?


Eileen: I'd definitely pick singing because, to be honest, I don't want to look at my super ugly face for the rest of my life. *shudders at the thought* I take a ton of selfies but then I probably end up deleting them all after looking at them because I'm just like, "Eww, no. Eww, you need to be burned. LOL this one looks okay...no." And I love singing more than anything and I have the comfort that I'm kind of good at it, so there's always that!

You are not super ugly! Well done for managing to answer such a difficult question though! :D I have another one - what is your favourite book-to-film adaption?

Eileen: Les Misérables by Victor Hugo, because it did start off as a book and then become a Broadway production, and then that Broadway production was moved onto a movie adaptation. Les Misérables is a book that was produced onto Broadway. Les Misérables is a the Broadway show that was produced into a movie. So, if you deduce (or use the transitive property), Les Misérables is a book that was produced into a movie. BAM.

No one could say Les Mis hasn't done incredibly well! Not that I've seen it, or read it...I want to though. Rebekah, you've recently had a book published, aahh! How does it feel??

Rebekah: *scratches head* Well, it feels pretty bizarre to be honest. Being a blogger, being a writer and being erm, me feel like three separate identities for some reason. It's definitely scary to think that my book is out there for people to read and I'm so so so grateful for every single person that does because I know how little time we all have so for others to read my book is so humbling. It also feels kinda great because I wrote a BOOK and people can READ it! I guess you can tell that it hasn't really sunk in yet seeing as I published it about 9 months ago :O

Haha yeah I can imagine how you'd feel like they're three separate identities. It's amazing to see a book blogger become an author though! Have you ever gone to another author's book signing and if you have, which time was your favourite?

Rebekah: I've only ever been to one signing (which was about two weeks ago) and I can tell that it will be one I'll remember forever. It was Neil Gaiman and he is so down to earth that I couldn't help but feel inspired. He read some of his book, THE OCEAN AT THE END OF THE LANE and then stayed for another two hours to sign (I was at the back. Literally. Damn bladder!). It was an amazing experience and getting to talk to someone with as much talent as Neil Gaiman about how to push through the self-doubt was just....ugghhhhh. It blew my mind!

Woah, that sounds awesome! *jealous* I'm going to be totally honest here and say that I used to think Neil Gaiman was the author of that kid's picture book about Unicorns...*blushes* I think the author of that book and Neil Gaiman's names must be similar! Rachel, do Unicorns exist? 

Rachel: Yes, yes they do. Don't believe me? Take that up with my unicorn, Rainbow McShimmers.

Not Rainbow McShimmers, please, no! *hides* *comes out from hiding place* I have a really hard question for you. You ready? ...Harry Potter or The Mortal Instruments? Choose wisely...

Rachel: *gasps* WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS?! *starts crying uncontrollably* I seriously don't know how I can choose! I love them both so freakin' much! No, no, no, no, no. This is torture! Can I please say both?! PLEASEEE?! I love Harry Potter because, well, it's HARRY POTTER! And The Mortal Instruments has Jace and a seriously mindblowing world so... AHHHH, THEY'RE BOTH FLIPPING AMAZING! xD

Haha, when I asked you that question I hadn't read The Mortal Instruments and now I have, I feel exactly the same as you! Broccoli Jack, have you ever read a book that you really really really disliked? 

Jack: Hmm, one? There are actually quite a few books I really dislike. Probably the worst book I've ever read in my life would be The Fall by Anthony McGowan. It's a dark novel, but not in a good way. It's depressing. I actually felt sick at some points, because of the cruelty in some scenes. And there was no climax or resolution. The author told us two bad things that happened and that was it. Don't even get me started on the horrid characters, and simplistically boring writing. Ugh. I would have thrown it at the wall, if it wasn't a library book! I urge you not to read it, ever. Unless you want your eyeballs to bleed. -_-

That sounds horrible! I'd rather my eyeballs didn't bleed...*shudder* Why did you start book blogging?

Jack: Well, I'd been a member of Goodreads for a few months, and I started writing short, one paragraph reviews. But as I became more of an experienced reader, I found myself having more of an opinion on the books I read. So my reviews started to grow into the beautiful broccolis they are today! But after a while, I wanted a place all for myself where I could post my reviews and opinions. And so my blog was born. Pretty boring, I'm sorry! ;)

Not boring at all! :) I asked Jack about a book he really disliked so, Charli, I'm going to ask you the opposite. What's your favourite book?

Charli: Why would you do this to me Amber?? Ok, thinking. I have a lot of favourite books, but of all time? Almost definitely Divergent by Veronica Roth! Do I need a reason? It's absolutely phenomenal, I love the characters, plot, everything...

I haven't actually read that even though most people have. What do you love doing outside of blogging and reading?

Charli: Well, I obviously do quite a lot. Homework and all that jazz. But love? I'm a Scout, so I have camps, meetings, badge work and stuff, and I also do a lot of photography. This term I'm doing a photography course, and hoping to get my Silver Arts Award, because I got my bronze during Year 7. I also write a little bit!

*hugs everyone* Thanks for answering my questions! *leaves the tent whilst the VIPs dig in to delicious blogoversary cake*

I hope you all enjoyed getting to know my friends a little bit. I certainly had fun! Tomorrow you can meet more of my friends, where they will be showing you their dream book characters and telling us all about their favourite festivals. See you then!