Tuesday, 5 November 2013

GUEST POST: Things I Love About UKYA by Arianne

Arianne is one of my favourite bloggers so I'm very happy to have her on the blog today. She'll be talking about UKYA which is a subject I don't pay enough attention to, even though I'm from the UK. Please welcome Arianne a.k.a the Queen of Guest Posts!

When Amber asked me to cover this topic for the awesomeness that is The Mile Long Bookshelf, I was thrilled – and terrified. I loved the idea, but getting the concept to flow on the page proved incredibly difficult. I struggled for hours, days even, to come up with the exciting tagline and the great hook posts like this require. I wanted to use my guest spot to say something everyone could relate to; I just didn’t know how to do it.

And then, like an island out of the mist, I was struck by the answer. I knew then why I couldn’t find the words I was searching for; they were already there.

I live in Ireland, but UKYA is a huge part of my reading life. It's taught me more than any other young adult book industry. I wish there was a simple way to say it, but when I try to convey how I feel about UKYA, there is only one thing that comes to mind.


Because how else am I supposed to describe how much UKYA authors rock?

UKYA authors write incredible characters. They’re strong, they’re conflicted, they’re normal just like us - they are the heroes and heroines you want to be.

UKYA is full of truth. It is unadulterated, unparalleled rawness. UKYA writers are not afraid to break the rules.

Come to think of it, UKYA doesn’t just break the rules, it shatters them – and it’s proud!

Does UKYA shy away from taboo topics or tough decisions?

And you can take the character out of the UK, but you’ll never take the UK out of the character. No matter where in the world UKYA characters go, they retain their sense of identity – much like UKYA readers themselves.

UKYA makes you feel all you need to do is curl up with one of its books for a couple of hours and be perfectly content for the rest of the day.

You can take a UKYA book with you anywhere and you know you've got the perfect travelling companion.

Even if everyone else at the bus stop turns to look at you when you get to the best part and you can’t help but squeal and dance around.

Because no matter who you are, no matter how often you read or what you like to read, there’s a UKYA book out there that’s going to make you happy. And that’s what counts.

What do you love about UKYA? Let us know in the comments – and keep spreading the UKYA love!

Arianne is neither an Olympian nor a Vogue covergirl. She wishes she was, but until speed reading gains the sporting recognition it deserves and fashion magazines start looking for models who don't come with pre-installed photoshopping, you're more likely to find her enjoying a good book in her free time. She is a self-confessed serial guest poster and can be followed on Twitter @Ariannebooklove. She is currently a student, has never been in a girl band, and will always be a writer. She lives in Ireland. 


  1. Great Post Arianne, you reminded me of how much I really like UKYA books
    Holly x

  2. Thanks for the comments, guys! Glad you enjoyed the post :) x

  3. Awesome Arianne! Yesyesyes. GIF POSTS NEED TO BE A THING.
    UKYA is brilliant and needs to be recognised more, so good on you getting the word out there
    Also clever you with most GIFs being either UKYA books, UK actors or UK films/series YOU'VE COVERED ALL BASIS!
    Brilliant, brilliant post, you lovely!

    1. Well, except for Tangled, Pitch Perfect and the slightly random One Tree Hill reference! N'aww, I'm so glad you enjoyed the post, Zoe - it really means a lot :)

  4. Awesome Arianne, what a brilliant post. THERE NEEDS TO BE MORE GIF POSTS!
    Utterly agree, UKYA needs to be recognised more, so go for promoting the brilliance that is YA that hails from the UK.
    Also GO YOU for getting most of the GIFs either UK Actors, UKYA books (as films), general UK film/series, bet that was utterly intentional (No, I bet it was, and furthermore highlighting how fantastic, growing and utterly awesome UKYA is)
    Fab post *cheers* WE LOVE YOU LOVELY ARIANNE!

      Thank you, Zoe, for being so wonderful and comment-giving and generous and, well, generally awesome <3


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