Saturday, 26 October 2013

GUEST POST: Spine Chilling Horror Titles for Halloween by Sylvia at Used Books Search

Picking out scary book titles may sound a little trite, after all we are now past the point where we can curl up with a flashlight under the covers and believe that the boogey man is going to come out of the wardrobe. Or are we? Fear is a wickedly delicious thing that should be savored and nothing can ignite the dark side of the imagination more than a spine chilling horror title. Writers have the ability to put pen to paper and unleash our darkest fears, to bring to life the monsters lurking in the shadows and to weave a world of shadow through our dreams. Take a look at these top titles that will keep you out of the comfortable world of slumber this Halloween.

The book that launched the highly controversial movie wasn’t afraid to tackle the blasphemous back in 1971. A seemingly simple story of an eleven year old girl and her struggle to deal with the ancient demon that sits inside her head. This classic horror novel was perhaps the bravest of all time when it comes to tackling the ideals of good and evil. This isn’t a book of cheap tricks that relies on shock value, masses of blood and green vomit. The Exorcist is a clever and grotesque tale of the inner struggle of madness that breaks bonds, the power of love, and the fear of the devil that is ever present.

There’s nothing more sacred in this world than children and Ira Levin turns that innocent world upside down on its head and leaves us gasping for breath. Rosemary’s Baby is every new mother’s worst nightmare, a strange pregnancy that is draining the life from you, weird neighbors who are taking an unhealthy interest in you and a husband who just doesn’t seem to get it. Rosemary’s Baby is a fast paced read that will have your mind reeling with the subtle shades of horror.

Forget demons and possessed pregnancies, I am Legend truly encompasses the chill of Halloween by bringing to light the dark creatures of the night that should stay in the shadows. One man fights for survival in a world of blood thirsty vampires, by day he scavenges for food and when the night closes in, he barricades the doors and prays for survival. This is truly the essence of nightmares and Richard Matheson creates such a desolate and soul crushing experience that fear has never felt so real.

The confusion that seeps into the pages of House of Leaves may leave a strange taste in your mouth. A young family moves into a home on a quiet lane but something isn’t quite right, the house seems to be bigger on the inside than on the outside. Then one day the children disappear and a strange story starts to seep through the walls of this house. This book crawls beneath your skin and buries itself firmly in your mind. It’s not afraid to take risks with its tone of storytelling and it can be quite the challenge. However the creep factor will certainly keep you turning the pages in a hallucinatory trance.



  1. Great Guest Post! I really enjoyed reading it and I loved the recommendation. I find it fascinating how a well written novel can provoke such fear in their readers, Horror really is a skilled and interesting genre.

    1. I agree, I love it! Thanks for commenting, Sunny ^-^

  2. Great guest post! I don't like horror very much at all, but I like dystopias. I haven't read any of these, but I Am Legend looks really good :)


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