Thursday, 31 October 2013

HALLOWEEN WEEK: The Big n' Spooky Giveaway!

*cue spooky music* Hello, my dears! *stares into crystal ball* I see...a fabulous giveaway in your future...

For the last couple of months I have been preparing this giveaway and I have to say I am astounded at the response I have had from the amazing authors and publishers that have donated prizes. Such a positive response and such spooky (but awesome) prizes for you all! A big THANK YOU to all that made this Halloween giveaway possible.

Are you all wondering what you could win and how to enter? Sigh. So impatient. *scatters spiders, bats and pumpkins everywhere* Ready, set, go!

  • ACID by Emma Pass (signed)
  • The Haunting Season by Michelle Muto (signed)
  • Numbers by Rachel Ward (signed)
  • The Drowning by Rachel Ward (signed)
  • Resist the Devil by Jae Blackney (eBook)
  • Best Served Chilled by Zoe Adams (eBook)
  • Gossamer Wings and Other Stories by Scott Zachary (eBook)
  • The Drowning by Rachel Ward signed postcard
  • 2x 'Metal Clash' Nail Varnishes
  • Sweets (duh, it's Halloween!)
  • X by Jack Croxall (eBook)
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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

HALLOWEEN WEEK GUEST POST: A Bookish Halloween by Cat from Life Through a Cat's Eyes

Halloween is TOMORROW! Are you a bit stuck for costume ideas like I am? Today I am pleased to welcome Cat from Life Through a Cat's Eyes to Halloween Week at The Mile Long Bookshelf! She will be showing you the best book characters you can dress up as for Halloween so please give her a warm welcome! Over to you, Cat. :)

Hello! I'm Cat; resident blogger over at Through A Cat's Eyes and I feel very honored to be guest posting on Amber's amazing blog! I really look up to Amber and have known her for a long time so this is pretty awesome. ^__^

Halloween is coming up fast and I personally can't wait; I love dressing up. My past costumes have been good (if I do say so myself) but I'm determined to outdo myself this year and as I am a massive bookworm, I'm thinking of something bookish! :D I've picked 5 characters - 3 female and 2 male - all of which I think could be unisex if you really wanted them to be (just make a few changes), and all of which are from book -to-film adaptations so you have a clearer idea of what the costume could look like. Here are some of my ideas for book-related Halloween costumes!

It was only right to include a couple of Harry Potter characters here and although it was tempting to go with the obvious, main characters, I decided to pick my favourites. Luna Lovegood is my favourite female character in HP and I feel like she would make an awesome Halloween character. You could be really creative with her costume as she's known for her outrageous outfits, crazy glasses and lion hats. I felt like she would be the most interesting character to dress as for Halloween as you could adopt her personality for the night and be all ditzy and away with the fairies. I might go as Luna...:D

The male HP character I chose is one of my favourites and again, I thought he would make a really great costume as he has a very strong, bad-ass personality. Draco Malfoy is terrible; so bitter, blunt and hateful but for some reason, I love him...His costume would be pretty easy to get a hold of and everyone would know who you were dressed as which is always a bonus, haha. :P I think you could really have some fun with his personality as he's so mean and has some killer one-liners.

Coraline is one of my very favourite animated films and the book by Neil Gaiman is amazing, but for some reason Coraline is always overlooked when it comes to costumes. Her yellow raincoat, wellies and star jumper is iconic and even though she's a cartoon, her costume translates into real life perfectly. Coraline has a really strong personality as well and she is super sarcastic, so I think her persona would be awesome for Halloween. ^_^

Pretty much everyone and their dog loves The Hunger Games now that they've been turned into films but since I read the books, I've loved Katniss Everdeen. Her outfit when she's competing (and her plait that stays perfect throughout the games) is pretty iconic now so I thought it would make a really great Halloween costume. My friend, Beka, dressed as Katniss last Halloween and looked awesome. :D

My final choice is a bit of a more obscure one that I haven't really seen before - R from Warm Bodies. R is one of my all-time favourite characters; he's insanely lovable, caring and ditzy. It would be really fun to dress as a zombie for Halloween so he seemed like a good choice. You could be more vague about it and just go as a zombie but I feel like you could have some fun with the character of R and adopt his personality along with the costume.

I hope you enjoyed this guest post and have an awesome, book-ish Halloween!

Cat xx

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

HALLOWEEN WEEK: Dreams by Daniela Sacerdoti

Title: Dreams
Author: Daniela Sacerdoti
Published by: Black and White Publishing
Publication date: 18th April 2012
Pages: 432
Genres: Young Adult/Paranormal/Fantasy
Format: Paperback
Source: Review copy from the publisher

Seventeen-year-old Sarah Midnight has never had a normal life. To the outside world she is a typical teenager, but on the inside, Sarah holds an unimaginable secret. Her parents are demon hunters, part of a web of Secret Families who have sworn to protect the world. When they are mysteriously killed, Sarah's world is shattered but she knows she must now take up their fight.

Unprepared for the task ahead, she finds herself thrust into a world of incredible danger, full of things she never even knew existed. Including her enigmatic long-lost cousin who, out of the blue, turns up on her doorstep just when she needs him most. He claims to be there to help and protect her, but how will she know who to trust in this perilous new life? And can she stay alive long enough to complete her parents' quest when they have left her so defenceless?

Sarah has to learn, and learn fast - the demons are all around her and death waits for no one...

Sarah Midnight's dreams are utterly terrifying. They are plagued by demons, but that isn't all; they come true. Sarah is the 'Dreamer' of the Midnight family, which means that her dreams - or shall we say nightmares - guide her parents' demon hunts. Sarah's parents rarely have time for her unless they're getting the gory but necessary details from one of her dreams, which is why at the age of seventeen, Sarah still doesn't know how to do any spells. Of course, her mother will have all the time in the world to teach her them! ...Wrong. After Sarah's parents' sudden death, she is pushed into a cruel world of death and fear, as she continues their 'Midnight Mission'. Young, alone and naive, it would be easy for her to make the wrong choices...but one wrong choice could mean instant death. Or a slow and painful one...

Okay, I'll be honest. This book freaked me out at some points. Partly because it's about demons that were so well described they seemed real, and partly because I was sat in my bedroom, on my own, in the dark at midnight. Probably not my best idea!

The characters were well formed and very realistic. I really liked Sarah because she wasn't over-confident; instead she was quiet and vulnerable. It was great to watch her grow as a person and become more ruthless! I also liked Harry/Sean, her cousin. He brought a nice 'safe' feel to the novel, if that makes sense, because he cared for and protected Sarah. It was a bit weird that he loved Sarah more than family, but if you read the story you'll understand why it's okay for him to feel like that, it's just not....normal for the feelings to be recuperated, shall we say. Despite this, I was rooting for them from the start! I SHIP SARRY! 

Unfortunately I was a bit disappointed by Aunt Juliette. She was quite prominent in the story at first, but as more characters were introduced she quickly faded into the background and only popped up once or twice later in the book. It felt like she had been forgotten about. To be honest I'm glad she didn't get in the way too much as I wanted Sarah and Harry to get on with their demon hunting, but at the same time I feel like it would have seemed more real if she had checked up on them more often.

There were about six or seven chapters from other POVs, for example Mike, Niall and Elise - other people who, like Harry, were protecting others. I didn't think these chapters were necessary to the story and they felt a bit like fillers. This book was around 400 pages long and, without the extra POVs I think it could have been a more bearable size and the story could have flowed better.

Sarah had OCD, which I liked. Wait...that came out wrong! Hear me out. I liked it because there aren't many books that deal with things like that. 'Dreams' didn't really go into it properly, but it was still there and I liked that sub-plot a lot.

Unfortunately, the novel ended with a cliffhanger which frustrated me. I was offered the next book in the trilogy from the publisher, but sadly I had to turn it down because of the amount of books I have to review. I suppose I'll never find out what happens next. :( However, I think this book was spectacular and it introduced me to a new genre, which it turns out I love! The writing was exquisite and I definitely recommend this. 3.5/5!

Have you reviewed a spooky book recently? Link to it here for everyone to see!

Monday, 28 October 2013

HALLOWEEN WEEK: The Harry Potter Studio Tour!

I cannot believe I never blogged about this! But better late than never, right? This time last year* I turned 14 and to celebrate I went to the Warner Brothers studios in London to do the Harry Potter Studio Tour. It was the best day of my life!

The entrance to the studio!

In the lobby.
The Warner Bros logo!
Grabbing some food in the canteen before queuing up for the tour...
Our tickets!
Standing outside of Honeydukes.
Snape, Snape, Severus Snape...
Ron's famously bad dress robes.
Alan Rickman's wig.
Ron Weasley's bed.
The invisibility cloak!
Being killed by Deatheaters!

My best friend and I stood in Dumbledore's office.
Sat in the Ministry of Magic.
The model of Hogwarts. This is what they used when they showed the whole of Hogwarts in a shot.
Stood outside Hogwarts!
Ollivanders'. All of these have wands inside and they're each individually labelled and packaged.
Signed by the cast!
Me on the Knight Bus.
Outside Harry's parent's cottage. :'( SO MANY FEELS.
The Knight Bus.
We weren't meant to go on the grass but we did anyway...

On the Hogwart's bridge in the exact same spot as Hermione and Harry in one of the shots in the Goblet of Fire.
In the Weasley's flying car!

On my broom!
If you've read/watched Harry Potter, you will know about the chocolate frogs! They are DELICIOUS, so I went out and bought one especially for one of you guys! Want to win it? Enter the Rafflecopter below!

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*Yep that means that today is my 15th birthday! I actually scheduled this post to publish at 1:13am because that's the time I was born. OMG I AM OFFICIALLY 15. RIGHT THIS SECOND. O_O

Sunday, 27 October 2013


Today I am pleased to kick-off the Halloween Week at The Mile Long Bookshelf! Yes, that's me on the banner. I don't look that dead in real life, I promise you!

Halloween Week is actually eight days long - one extra day so I can fit in this kick-off post! Take a look at what is coming up...

Both Halloween reviews will be blog hops, so feel free to link to your own Halloween book reviews in the tool that will be embedded into the post and I'll check them out! All linked reviews will also be featured in the Wrap Up at the end of the week.

Finally...HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I really hope you enjoy the week. If you like the sound of this, please spread the word using the social network buttons down on the pink bar! 

Saturday, 26 October 2013

GUEST POST: Spine Chilling Horror Titles for Halloween by Sylvia at Used Books Search

Picking out scary book titles may sound a little trite, after all we are now past the point where we can curl up with a flashlight under the covers and believe that the boogey man is going to come out of the wardrobe. Or are we? Fear is a wickedly delicious thing that should be savored and nothing can ignite the dark side of the imagination more than a spine chilling horror title. Writers have the ability to put pen to paper and unleash our darkest fears, to bring to life the monsters lurking in the shadows and to weave a world of shadow through our dreams. Take a look at these top titles that will keep you out of the comfortable world of slumber this Halloween.

The book that launched the highly controversial movie wasn’t afraid to tackle the blasphemous back in 1971. A seemingly simple story of an eleven year old girl and her struggle to deal with the ancient demon that sits inside her head. This classic horror novel was perhaps the bravest of all time when it comes to tackling the ideals of good and evil. This isn’t a book of cheap tricks that relies on shock value, masses of blood and green vomit. The Exorcist is a clever and grotesque tale of the inner struggle of madness that breaks bonds, the power of love, and the fear of the devil that is ever present.

There’s nothing more sacred in this world than children and Ira Levin turns that innocent world upside down on its head and leaves us gasping for breath. Rosemary’s Baby is every new mother’s worst nightmare, a strange pregnancy that is draining the life from you, weird neighbors who are taking an unhealthy interest in you and a husband who just doesn’t seem to get it. Rosemary’s Baby is a fast paced read that will have your mind reeling with the subtle shades of horror.

Forget demons and possessed pregnancies, I am Legend truly encompasses the chill of Halloween by bringing to light the dark creatures of the night that should stay in the shadows. One man fights for survival in a world of blood thirsty vampires, by day he scavenges for food and when the night closes in, he barricades the doors and prays for survival. This is truly the essence of nightmares and Richard Matheson creates such a desolate and soul crushing experience that fear has never felt so real.

The confusion that seeps into the pages of House of Leaves may leave a strange taste in your mouth. A young family moves into a home on a quiet lane but something isn’t quite right, the house seems to be bigger on the inside than on the outside. Then one day the children disappear and a strange story starts to seep through the walls of this house. This book crawls beneath your skin and buries itself firmly in your mind. It’s not afraid to take risks with its tone of storytelling and it can be quite the challenge. However the creep factor will certainly keep you turning the pages in a hallucinatory trance.