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GUEST POST: Top 5 Favourite Secondary Characters by Rachel from Booktastic Reviews

When we crack open a book, we all want to fall in love with the main character. It's just a given. Yet, try as we might, sometimes we simply end up being more drawn to another character. One in the background - a secondary character. Though you may still adore the MC, there's just something about that other character you can't help but love. So today, I'm going to spotlight (in no particular order) my top five favourite secondary characters. Admittedly, some of these characters I did like a little more than the MC, whilst others I felt just complimented the story and the main character really well and, due to this, managed to win me over.

1) Elizabeth Sutton (from Ally Carter's Gallagher Girls series)
First off, we have Liz. She's a super genius with a twist - she's a spy. Though she doesn't get herself involved in much of the action (she's more the thinker of the group/stay-at-home support), there's just something about her that really intrigued me. She's just plain likeable. In the latest instalment of the Gallagher Girls series, Out of Sight, Out of Time, I actually got a little upset because she wasn't included in the story as much. It was a real shame because she's a great character and has so much to offer.

2) Marlee Tames (from The Selection trilogy by Kiera Cass)
In book one of this trilogy, The Selection, I didn't actually think too much of Marlee's character but in book two, The Elite, she really stood out to me. I actually preferred her over the main character, America, in the sequel. She was easily admirable as well as strong (considering what she went through!) and a great friend to America. I'm hoping she makes a few appearances in the final book!

3) Hedwig (from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books)
Of course I had to include a Harry Potter character! I thought about Luna, Neville, Dobby - you name it! - but I just had to go with Hedwig. I know she's an owl and all but... SHE'S HEDWIG! How can someone not love her?! She's caring, loyal, and the smartest fictional bird ever! So it goes without saying that she'll always have a little piece of my heart. ;)  

4) Iko (from Marissa Meyer's Cinder)
Laugh all you want but this little robot captured my heart. Yes, robot - you read right. No jokes. She was seriously the sweetest, cutest and most adorable character and quickly became my favourite character of the whole book. If you read Cinder, you'll see where I'm coming from! ^.^

5) Cicely Herondale (from Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare)
If you even remotely know me, I'm sure you won't be needing any explanation. If you don't: SHE'S A HERONDALE! DUUUHH! *calms self* Okay, so I'm sort-of *ahem*obsessed*ahem* with a certain Mr William Herondale... so when Cicely - his little sister - made an appearance in the final book of this fantastic trilogy, I knew I was just going to love her. She's fiery and stubborn and snarky - just like him. So, of course, I adored her.

So there's some of my favourite secondary characters.  Before I bid farewell, huge thanks go out to Amber for letting me guest post on her blog. She has a great blog so it's been a real privilege! So THANK YOU Amber! *hugs*

Now I want to know yours! Comment below with the characters you feel took some of the spotlight away from the MC!

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  1. Great Choices Rachel. I love Liz, she is so underestimated but really such a valuable member of the group and the GG wouldn't be the same without her. Marlee is so sweet and a breath of fresh air in The Selection so I'd also choose her. And don't even get me started on Cecily, HERONDALES RULE!

  2. I liked reading your choices. I had never head of the Gallagher girls series. Thanks for introducing me to it, I've saved it onto my Amazon wishlist. The secondary characters that I like are Rosa and Hans Huberman from The Book Thief. I also like Zero from Holes by Louis Sachar and Stargirl from Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli.


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