Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Fiction Express Chapter 4 & 5 Reviews

 So sorry that these reviews are late! I went on holiday to Cornwall last week, and completely forgot to review these before I left...anyway, here they are!

Diary of a Mall Girl by Luisa Plaja (Chapter 4.)

Jasper comes to visit Molly and that scene is all very awkward and cringe-worthy for Molly....but it is funny! Also, we find out a bit more about Jasper which is good, as up until now he has had a very mysterious background that I'm desperate to know a bit more about. Molly ends up helping him to face his fears, and she also finds out something about another certain boy...

Soul Shadows by Alex Woolf (Chapter 4.)

This chapter was really exciting and full of action. It kept you on the edge of your seat! With more and more soul shadows popping up, Estelle and Sandor are having difficulty deciding who they can really trust. This is great, I love this story!

The Last Symbol by Rebecca Morton (Chapter 4.)

Chapter Four mainly focuses on Drina, Miko's sister, which I like as we haven't really heard much from her yet and plus she seems to be my favourite character (other than Miko.) A chapter filled with searching, cunning plans and sisterly love...

Diary of a Mall Girl by Luisa Plaja (Chapter 5.)

It seems like all the characters are finally realising who they really are, and not everything is as it seems. It's a great chapter, as the characters and plot start to develop more and more, and there are some sub-plots starting to be weaved in too. Everything in Molly's life is finally coming together! She has her BFF's back, her crush likes her back...but something's not right. Jasper and Art Boy keep popping into Molly's head at random moments, and she can't help liking them too. I wonder who she'll choose? Can't wait to read some more!

Soul Shadows by Alex Woolf (Chapter 5.)

One word.....INTRIGUING. :)  This has to be my favourite chapter of SS so far. Some of the characters are quite evil and cunning, and you never know whether to trust them or not. This makes the story really gripping, exciting and fun! I love the unique little twists. What will happen next, I wonder??

The Last Symbol by Rebecca Morton (Chapter 5.)

This is amazing. You can feel the emotions coming off the page (well....screen. But you know what I mean!) as it is so beautifully written and it's so gripping. I feel quite sad that Miko and Drina aren't together, as they are brother and sister and they're worried about each other. It's exciting seeing where each person will go with the story though! A must read for anyone who loves exciting twists.

Thank you, also, to the person who donated some FE credits to me. This means that I can carry on reviewing the fantastic chapters each week - thank you so much, you know who you are!

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