Thursday, 7 October 2010

Some Seriously Sassy Books!

In case you don't know already, the picture is of talented author Maggi Gibson. She's written a series of books, and they're brilliant!

I was so thrilled to get the chance to read Crazy Days, the third book in the series. I reviewed it back in the end of June - here is a quote from it...

"I think this novel is brilliant, because it's about the environment and music. It will make children and teens more aware of global warming, and mixed with's the perfect match, isn't it? The characters are realistic and well thought about. Maggi is such a fantastic writer, and she has done brilliantly in getting into a teenagers head. " The Mile Long Bookshelf, 24th June 2010. Read the rest of the review HERE.

This series of books is FABULOUSLY SASSY! You should definitely read these. They can be read alone, but it would be better to have the whole series.

I asked Maggi how she came up with the idea of Seriously Sassy.

I wanted to write about a really feisty girl who cared about things, but who was also a lot of fun. I like to think I was a bit like that when I was a teenager. The plot ideas came once I got the idea for that character and her friends. I remember so clearly how confusing and difficult the whole boyfriend thing was for me when I was that age I wanted to make that part of the story. I kind of stole ideas from my own life, and from things that happened to my two daughters.

Please buy the books - you definitely won't regret it, they're amazing. MUST-HAVE books, seriously! Click the links below to buy.


  1. I've read one of her books and loved it!
    She really is a brilliant writer and I must read her other books ;)

  2. I love these books! Great post, Amber!

  3. Hey Amber, Thanks for signaling the series up to your blog readers. I'd love to write more Seriously Sassy books, so the more people read these first three the better! :)xx

  4. Ria - Yup, I think you'll enjoy the other books too! :)

    Luisa: Thanks for commenting, Luisa! :)

    Maggi: You're welcome. More SS books? Yay!!



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