Monday, 28 June 2010

The Longest Whale Song coming soon by Jacqueline Wilson!

News Flash! Well known author Jacqueline Wilson has written a new novel called The Longest Whale Song and it is due to be published in September this year! Doesn't the cover look great? And it sounds good too...

When her mum ends up in a coma after having a new baby, Ella is left coping with her well-meaning but shambolic stepdad - and a tiny newborn brother. Her main distraction from all her worries is her school project about whales. Ella is fascinated by the idea of whale song, when they call out to each other to attract a mate. The amazing story of one whale who sang non-stop for twenty-two hours gives her an idea. Could the whale song reach Mum and show her how much Ella cares? Would this help bring Mum back to Ella and new baby Samson? This is a tender, moving story in the classic Jacky mould.

What do you think of Jacqueline's new book - do you think it will be as successful as  her others? 


  1. Bookalicious Ramblings told me about this, and it sounds great!
    Exactly her style.
    Although good, Little Darlings wasn't her best- hopefully this will be better. The cover looks like it's for younger readers, but the synopsis sounds like its for my age.
    I'll still read it, regardless.
    Thanks Amber,

  2. hmm, i'm not sure.....doesn't sound like my sort of thing!!!


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