Thursday, 29 April 2010

Swapped by a Kiss by Luisa Plaja OUT NOW!

Today Swapped By a Kiss (the sequel to Split By a Kiss) by author Luisa Plaja is out now! You can buy it from lots of different book shops, including Amazon and WH Smith. Here is the Amazon summary:

Rachel hates her life and everyone in it - she even has suspicions that her on/off boyfriend David might not be entirely trustworthy. However, when David invites her to a music festival in England featuring their friend's band, she jumps at the chance for an overseas adventure. Hoping to surprise David, Rachel arrives at the festival early, where she runs into a nasty surprise of her own - she sees David kissing their friend Jo. Distraught, Rachel runs off, wishing she could leave her life behind...the next thing she knows, she's back with David. But not as herself...She's now in Jo's body! Can she keep the swap a secret from David until she can work out exactly what's going on and get her revenge? Over the course of a very weird weekend, Rachel puts herself in someone else's shoes and finds that her own maybe weren't as uncomfortable as she'd always thought. But can she ever be herself again?

Doesn't it sounds brilliant?! You can buy it HERE for just £4.99 - bargain! Plus the cover is gorgeous, it's so purple and sparkly. I definitely recommend buying it, you won't be disappointed, Luisa Plaja is a fantastic writer!

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