Thursday, 8 April 2010

I win!

A few weeks ago, the author of the Sassy Wilde books, Maggi Gibson, hosted a competition on her website. She was starting a new section called BLUSHBLUSHBLUSH for all your most embarrassing moments! Anyway, she asked people to send in their most embarrassing moments - she would pick three winners and each would receive a cute lion cub bookmark. Well, guess what? I got an email saying I had won! Here is a screenshot of my entry:

Click the picture to enlarge. Anyway, it turns out I've won another competition as well! I was a member of the Bloomsbury facebook fan page, and they held a mini competition. The first five people to comment would win a selection of Bloomsbury ARC's! My bookmark and my Bloomsbury book selection arrived today....

I feel really sorry for the postman - when Mum gave me the parcel with all 9 (!) books inside, I nearly fell over it was so heavy! I already have 'Paper Towns' and 'Captivate', but that doesn't matter! I would use them as prizes on here, but firstly Mum says I'm not allowed to do any more competitions for a while and secondly I don't have much of my savings left for posting things out. The bookmark from Maggi Gibson came with three Seriously Sassy postcards, a signed book sticker and a letter that she had personally written! I've wanted to read 'Magic Under Glass' and 'No and Me' for ages, so I'm very happy! Also, author Liz Kessler has offered to send me five signed bookmarks!!


  1. Oh, that's brilliant! Just look at all those amazing books. Congratulations, Amber!

  2. Aw no comps!! Haha! Lucky anyway!!! Wish i was you right now!!

  3. Yeah, you must have been REALLY embarrased to put that all over a public website . Whatever made you do that? Silly girl.

  4. I've read four of them and they were fantastic! Hope you enjoy them all :)

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  6. Sorry I accidently deleted the above comment! Top Floor T said:

    @cdp_beauty There was no need for that. If you don't like a post, don't comment.


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