Tuesday, 30 March 2010

**Harry Potter Newsflash**

On the 1st November, I am happy to announce that the Harry Potter novels are being made into paperbacks, and are even getting cool new covers! The hardback editions will still be published in the original covers so if you don't like these new covers, don't panic!  I love the new covers - what do you think? Comments please!

The Harry Potter series has translated into 68 languages and has now sold over 400 million copies! These new covers have been kept secret for the best part of the year - until now!


  1. I've just had an email about it too, but I'm not completely sure if I like them :S They seem quite pretty in a vintagey/classics way, but I don't think they sum up the exciting adventures in Harry Potter! I don't mean to sound horrible about it though, because they are nice, but more in a Enid Blyton direction, if you know what I mean? :|
    But I'm glad you like them ;)


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