Friday, 26 February 2010

Celia Rees Book Signing

I just found out that author Celia Rees is doing a book signing in Cambridge! I was going to go, but then found out it was on a Saturday so I can't make it as I have stage school...but maybe you lot could!

DATE: Saturday 10th April 2010
TIME: 4pm
VENUE: Cambridge Central Library
GENRE: Children's/Teen's

The award winning and bestselling author of Witch Child, Pirates! and Sorvay has broken her own rules with her new book. She vowed never to use Elizabethan England as a setting and never to write about real historical figures. And so The Fool’s Girl opens in London in 1601 with two characters about to make the acquaintance of one William Shakespeare...

Ages 12+.

All events are free and take place on the 3rd floor, Central Library, Lion Yard, Cambridge.
Tickets must be obtained from the ADC Theatre Box Office.
Children must be accompanied at all times.

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  1. Hi I was on Indigo's blog and saw your comment. You can't watch Glee anymore :-( Very sad. I offer a virtual hug xoxo.



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