Monday, 7 December 2009

Cathy Cassidy's DS Game

Cathy Cassidy now has her very own Nintendo DS Game! You can see character profiles, read her books, and tons more! Here are some of the the other features.

  • Six of the best: Includes six whole books: Angel Cake, Scarlett, Shine on Daizy Star, Ginger Snaps, Sundae Girl and Driftwood.
  • Magic book: Special multimedia hyperlinks let you access character information, images and sounds from each book as you read.
  • Hidden extras: Unlock extra content and secrets by searching each page for hidden images of animals, flowers, fruit and stars.
  • Progress tracker: Parents can track exactly how much kids have read while special quizzes test to see how much they've taken in.
  • Share and learn: Share sample chapters with a friend via the wireless connection and you can unlock extra bonus content for yourself.
Doesn't that sound cool? That's definitely going on my Christmas list! You can buy it from Amazon HERE.

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